Welcome to High Reaches Weyr

by Nuff (High Reaches Weyr's first PC Senior Weyrwoman)

Why High Reaches Weyr?
A handful of RL years ago, Harper's Tale Game was consolidated onto Ista Isle. Fort and Southern weyrs were combined into Ista Weyr, ICly to help it recover from a horrible tropical storm and subsequent flooding, Ista Hold was opened, and assorted Crafthalls were moved to the Island. As HT continued to grow and the Weyr population continued to rise, a few of us thought it would be good for the game, the Weyr, and our own enjoyment to open a second weyr. Re-opening Southern and Fort were out of the question, given the bitter feelings over the forced consolidation of Weyrs a few years earlier. Benden is disallowed, Igen was deemed too 'boring' by game-wiz, and Telgar had just opened else-Moo. So High Reaches, as a Weyr, made sense. And it is so climatically different from Ista. Besides, it was something that I, Nuffie, had never done. And I like doing. :D

How High Reaches Weyr?
We polled the Wizards, we polled the Weyr, we polled the Game, and then escaped to High Reaches to build a Weyr our way (during December 1997), on our terms, with our Rules (within the boundaries of wiz-law). Everyone had their own reasons for moving, from just wanting to play somewhere new, to liking the idea of High Reaches, to being happy to avoid some things they did not like about Ista, or a combination of everything. And such a dynamic, active, and experienced group of players I have yet to see pull together for anything since. Not that I was a part of, anyways. We wanted somewhere small, rp-friendly, with a respectful attitude for and from its players and a staff that runs as much as possible by consensus. From this small and dedicated core of friends (most of whom have moved on to RL or whatnot) , HRW developed into a pretty busy (and far larger) area where we hope people still feel at home. Anyone who is active and interested is welcome as a full member of HRW administration, and is to take responsible for themselves, HRW, RP, and help build up a place that is /fun/. Fun in RP, fun in chatter, full of gossip and just fun to play at. We try and avoid too many rules and regulations, and just expect everyone to use their common sense and treat everyone with due respect.

All we ever really want is for people to Have Fun, and not annoy anyone else. :D

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