Asteroid & Mudslide TP

In August 2002, a MOO-wide TP that had been a while in the plotting took place. An asteroid was spotted heading for Pern, due to hit Southern Boll - during this time, High Reaches suffered a meteor storm during a Threadfall. In fact, the asteroid split into two and hit Fort (where a lot of the Southern Boll people had been evacuated) and Igen. Ista suffered particularly badly, with parts of the main Hold destroyed, but all Pern was affected to some extent - High Reaches suffered a serious mudslide due to the earthquakes that were an after-effect of the asteroids.

Gossip posts and roleplay logs:
ROLEPLAY: Threadfall & meteors
ROLEPLAY: the mudslide
GOSSIP: mudslides and aftermath - how the Reaches was affected
ROLEPLAY: rescuing the herdbeasts
GOSSIP: TP updates - rescuing the herdbeasts
GOSSIP: mud update - the mud has stopped rising and there's a lot of cleaning to do
ROLEPLAY: cleaning the Hatching Sands
GOSSIP: clean! - everything's back to (almost) normal

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