Avalanche TP

In September 1999, High Reaches found itself OOCly with an embarrassment of goldriders. With an eye to wanting to hatch another gold sometime in the future, we currently had six Weyrwomen on the books - Senior WW Nuff, Lani, Areiah, Shaela, and NPCs Lara and Mitria. One had to go.
We toyed with the idea of getting rid of Mitria, with whom Lani had a long-running IC feud, but decided to get rid of total ditz Lara and her Marachekith. Lara had Impressed at Ista a long time ago (as an NPC) and been immediately transferred to High Reaches (who were then suffering a /lack/ of golds). She was also well known as a complete idiot.
Nuff also decided OOCly that she wanted to retire, so we decided that a TP involving suitable injuries would be appropriate.

Accordingly, a avalanche in the Alpine Meadows was arranged, sinking several dragons and people below the snow. Nuff wasn't badly injured, but decided to retire in favour of Areiah, whose Ysbryth was due to rise next.
Lara, on the other hand, suffered a bad headwound. Confined to the infirmary, after a couple of nights she got out of bed by herself while unattended, and made herself a drink. Which included fellis. Any competent healer knows that fellis can be fatal for a headwound, but Lara had no idea about this… and suffered the consequences.
The Weyr did mourn, for all that Lara was mostly despised - the death of a queen is always a tragedy.

Unfortunately I don't have any logs dating back to this TP - if anyone has some, please email me!

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