DaMove TP

High Reaches Weyr opened as a PC place to play on Harper's Tale in December 1997, following a lot of discussion as to whether there should be a second Weyr or not, and then a lot of planning and plotting once it was decided there should be.

To get people ICly from Ista Weyr to High Reaches Weyr, some sort of TinyPlot was needed; cooked up mainly by Ash and Catia with a lot of help, what became known as DaMove TP was decided on. Some people decided to have private TPs to get them to High Reaches, but most of the riders and weyrfolk moved under the 'DaMove' umbrella.

The plot was for High Reaches Weyr to be struck by a mystery illness; for the Weyrleaders to then disappear presumably in search of a cure. With all the deaths and disappearances that occured at High Reaches, new riders and weyrfolk were needed, including eventually a new Weyrwoman. Although some of the TP was played out on-camera, most of the players on Harper's Tale knew about it only through a series of posts to the *gossip mailer.

Nuff's comments:
Why did Nuff move to High Reaches?
Well, ICly, Junior Weyrwoman Nuff had run off from Ista with her bronzerider mate R'han of Jhanath, and they spent five or six turns raising chickens and children on some uninhabited island. Having timed it backwards, they were not 'missed' from the present time until people started noticing that Nuff was not around very much, and when she was she was very tanned and dark and looked older than she should. Then High Reaches was mysteriously losing its Weyrleaders, and the rest of the Pern Weyrs started wondering what everyone was getting up to. Nuff, oblivious to all this, returns to Ista with six children now in tow, and finds herself in a maelstorm of trouble (and rightly so. A weyrwoman, timing it? While Thread flies the skies? For shame!). Getting shipped off to High Reaches was the least-terrible option offered her by the Istan Weyrleaders, so she headed North, into the snow, whether Tiareth liked it or not.

A lot of NPC (non-player characters) were used in the TP; here's a brief list of them:

  • R'meld and bronze Bannyth - Weyrleader and Wingleader of Cloudburst wing
  • Adel and gold Ulrinath - Senior Weyrwoman
  • Lara and gold Marachekith - Junior Weyrwoman; originally a transfer from Ista
  • Mitria and Salbith - Junior Weyrwoman, barely out of weyrlinghood
  • V'tin and brown Guinth - Weyrsecond and Cloudburst Wingsecond
  • F'renkil and brown Sonrith - replacement Weyrsecond and Cloudburst Wingrider
  • T'drim and blue Helloth - Weyrlingmaster
  • Parilisia - Headwoman
  • Thalma - Assistant Headwoman
  • Lyssia and blue ? - first dragon pair to die
  • Estara and green Tharinth - Wingleader of Suncrusher Wing
  • Minda and blue Chaleth - Dragonhealer, Suncrusher Wing

The original transfers from Ista Weyr to High Reaches Weyr were:
Nuff and gold Tiareth, B'ran and bronze Dharmath, J'ckal and bronze Anubith, L'ars and bronze Danzith, S'fyre and bronze Hinoth, Erzi and brown Wicketh, Kazumi and brown Amanoth, Taranys and brown Tzath, Ash and blue Pavelth, Desrine and blue Dianth, Kyleigh and blue Cianith, Nenais and blue Leith, Pita and blue Odeleth, Aralie and green Risath, Catia and green Myrineth, Cyrene and green Mayuth, Kylana and green Laelyth, Ophelia and green Niraneth, Saoirse and green Siulth, Sen and green Sindiath, Tachi and green Israeth, plus lots of weyrfolk and crafters including Aife, Aslyn, Chilali, Kumiko, Shaela, Tavim and too many others for me to remember.

The original Insta-dragons created when we opened High Reaches Weyr were:
Jh'ral and bronze Rennth, O'feri and bronze Seivvath, V'kyre and bronze Nazaraeth (originally green), and Salea and brown Fallanth.

Gossip posts and roleplay logs:
GOSSIP: Dragonhealer's move - Catia is posted to High Reaches
GOSSIP: mystery illness strikes High Reaches!
GOSSIP: escalating illness at High Reaches!
ROLEPLAY: first deaths at High Reaches Weyr
GOSSIP: more deaths hit High Reaches
GOSSIP: Weyrlingmaster's posting - Ash is posted from Ista to High Reaches
GOSSIP: a Weaver's sadness - a little bit of colour added to the TP by someone other than the plotters!
GOSSIP: High Reaches left Leaderless!
GOSSIP: no more deaths?
ROLEPLAY: what's happened to the High Reaches Weyrleaders? - a missing Weyrleader and a fraught Weyrwoman
GOSSIP: now where's the Weyrwoman gone?
GOSSIP: help needed: Apply High Reaches Weyr
ROLEPLAY: Threadfall over Nabol
GOSSIP: all the Weyrs rise to the occasion!
GOSSIP: Ista Transfers a Wing
GOSSIP: Nuff flees to High Reaches!

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