Mass Gold Exodus TP

At the end of 2007, High Reaches found itself in a very unfortunate position: after Pyrene's departure, the Weyr was left with, at the time, no active goldriders. With our Search Cycle approaching, we felt it was necessary to try to jolt some of them into action, and proposed moving them to Southern if they could not become active again, in able to ensure goldrider slots for future clutches, to try to get the Weyr less dependent on one goldrider.

So, in the end, Chey was able to become active again; our other three PC goldriders, Vaeli, Shaela, and Ashli, all were unable. So, we devised an off-camera event to send them away from the Weyr for an indefinite period of time: Ashli and Shaela's gold both rose at the same time, and got into a violent fight. Vaeli's tried to intercept and stop the fight, but in the end, all of them ended up being injured and needing transferred to Southern for recooperation, and possibly permanently if the damage was too severe.

But, in order to inspire an on-going TP, instead of promoting Chey to Senior Weyrwoman automatically, staff voted to bring in an NPC goldrider.

That goldrider was Frusha from Telgar, with her gold Griellitath: a very strange pair, both abnormally fat for a riding pair, and cruel and strict. She served as Senior until the end of the 2008 Spring cycle, when Chey stepped up and took the position.

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