The Mysterious Killer TP

In order for goldrider Chey's player to retire from the game, a TP was devised to allow her character to pass on - thus, High Reaches' first murder in quite some time.

ICly, mystery struck when Mynwiyath was heard screaming from the Hatching Sands; those that rushed to the scene found the gold injured, as well as her rider Chey fallen, and slipped into a coma. Taken to the infirmary, she did not awake for quite some time. But, after more investigation was pursued, a body was found within the catacombs — the body of a young woman, later rumored to be present at the time of Chey's fall, leading those to wonder if Chey herself had killed the woman, or if there was a third party.

After much investigation, denials, and interrogations, Head Guard Krummolt was found guilty for all the crimes, and was quickly apprehended by Weyrleader T'ii. But, unfortunately, what was done could not be undone, and the Weyrwoman was lost, and Mynwiyath instantly went between, even abandoning her clutch, leaving the Weyr with the slim hope that a gold egg lie amongst the 31 eggs on the Sands.

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