Leaders Return TP

Back in December 1997 when High Reaches Weyr opened as a place to play, we sent the then-Weyrleaders off into between as part of the opening TP. In late 2003, it was decided to bring them back out of between, in a TP designed to totally confuse the political fabric of the Weyr.

Originally, Weyrleader R'meld had taken half of his Cloudburst wing between to search for a cure for the epidemic that was then ravaging the Weyr. Weyrwoman Adel (after throwing a hissy fit or two) decided to take the rest of the wing and follow them. The two groups disappeared into nothing - no dragon could reach them, and they were believed lost.

Present day: half a wing of dragons bearing Reaches-knotted riders popped out of nowhere. Not that unusual - except that these riders hadn't been seen for twenty-six Turns!
While the riders led by R'meld and the current-day Weyrleaders were trying to take in what's happening, Adel and the other half of Cloudburst Wing showed up too…

The Weyr was promptly placed under a double quarantine: not only have Cloudburst shown up during another epidemic - this time affecting dragons and firelizards - but there's a risk that they might have brought human infection from their own time.

So, that left High Reaches Weyr with two Weyrleaders (R'meld and Sii'kyn) and two Senior Weyrwomen (Adel and Pyrene) - plus two Weyrseconds (Wyn and F'renkil), although that at least isn't an unusual situation. Adel and R'meld were desperately trying to assert their rights as Weyrleaders, complicated by Cadgwith's rising (which made the very young M'nty Weyrleader instead of Sii'kyn).

A minor tragedy struck the Cloudburst riders when L'vek's blue Zipheroth died due to the dragon/firelizard epidemic current in this time. Fortunately they didn't bring any infection with them, and the quarantine was lifted (although not before it was broken a few times, mostly by blueriders - which of course did not endear them any more than usual to Pyrene).

But then R'meld and Adel decided they wanted to go back to their own time - raising some worrying questions.
Records show that they never reappeared - so in that case, would they be committing suicide? But what happens if time can be changed and they can reappear in their own time? History would be completely changed, and most of the dragons now at High Reaches wouldn't even exist!
And to complicate matters, not all of Cloudburst Wing were happy with their leaders' decision…

A weyr meeting was called, a vote taken… and the outcome was that Cloudburst Wing were to stay in the now. But a few days after the meeting, R'meld and Adel and some of the rest of the wing just disappeared… again.

Pyrene also kept a page for this TP (from which a lot of this information was 'borrowed' at http://www.angelfire.com/realm/kernowgirl/pyrene/lrlogs/lrindex.htm.

The members of Cloudburst wing involved in this TP were (NPC unless marked):

  • R'meld and bronze Bannyth - Weyrleader - temporary PC
  • Adel and gold Ulrinath - Senior Weyrwoman - temporary PC
  • F'renkil and brown Sonrith - Weyrsecond - temporary PC
  • C'radoc and bronze Umiheth - temporary PC
  • L'vek and blue Zipheroth - Zipheroth died of the dragon illness - temporary PC
  • Thiern and green Thranduith - temporary PC
  • Keyla and green Mergoth - did not reappear from the trip between - Shaela's mother
  • Ralasia and green Torinth
  • Ch'dral and brown Jyth (Ralasia's son)
  • T'kef and blue Lidanth
  • Keeda and green Patreth (T'kef's sister)

Gossip posts and roleplay logs:
ROLEPLAY: the leaders return - and a quarantine is declared.
GOSSIP: unexpected arrivals
GOSSIP: the quarantine's already broken
ROLEPLAY: mending the break
ROLEPLAY: nocturnal conversations
GOSSIP: blue Zipheroth is sick
ROLEPLAY: Adel and Nuff have a chat
GOSSIP: the quarantine's broken again - this time by Weyrsecond Wyn!
ROLEPLAY: Tsunami Wing make some decisions - about how they want the leadership crisis to be resolved
GOSSIP: confrontations - Pyrene v Wyn… then Pyrene and Wyn v Adel
ROLEPLAY: Tatia relays Tsunami's thoughts - a chat with Weyrleader Sii'kyn
GOSSIP: Tatia's demotion
ROLEPLAY: Cadgwith rises - in a leadership flight with a question mark
ROLEPLAY: in the living caverns - during Cadgwith's flight
GOSSIP: last man standing - the fall-out from Cadgwith's flight
GOSSIP: Zipheroth's death
GOSSIP: another bluerider breaks quarantine - Kh'ryn comes home
ROLEPLAY: the quarantine is lifted
GOSSIP: quarantine's over
ROLEPLAY: Weyrseconds discuss - a civil discussion between Weyrseconds past and present
ROLEPLAY: Pyrene and R'meld discuss - a less-than-civil discussion between Pyrene and R'meld
GOSSIP: another bluerider is back - although Jiu didn't have to break quarantine to get home
GOSSIP: a proddy Cloudburst green
GOSSIP: lust and politics - Wyn and C'radoc? Surely not.
ROLEPLAY: R'meld announces - he's decided to return. Again.
GOSSIP: they're going back?
GOSSIP: you are cordially invited - to a Weyr meeting
ROLEPLAY: Cloudburst's green Thranduith rises - and L'uc falls for Thiern?
GOSSIP: flights continue to be dangerous and plague ridden - and confirm a romance between L'uc and Thiern (most likely)
ROLEPLAY: the Weyr meeting
GOSSIP: those rotten sneaks! - Adel and R'meld disappear, leaving behind some unpaid bills

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