Weyrwoman for Telgar TP

In the autumn of 2001, High Reaches found itself once more OOCly with an embarrassment of goldriders and with plans to hatch another PC gold sometime in the near future. We had 5 PC goldriders and one NPC left over from the original opening TP - and ideally, she either had to die or be sent else-Weyr. Since we'd already killed off a goldrider (Lara) in the Avalanche TP, we decided to be kind to Mitria.

The plot was therefore that Telgar Weyr needed another gold, since they only had two elderly ones who were unlikely to ever clutch again. Since High Reaches had more goldriders than a Weyr really needs, one of them was the logical choice, and so Telgar contacted High Reaches with the request.

Areiah was exempt as the senior Weyrwoman. The choice had to be made from the junior goldriders: Lani & Rhyath, Shaela & Chayath, Pyrene & Cadgwith or Mitria & Salbith. Though Telgar could've taken Nuff (retired) if they really wanted to.

There then followed a delightful bitch-fest with each of the juniors giving reasons why they stay at the Reaches and why the others were perfect for Telgar, with the fact that Lani and Mitria had never ever got on added to the mix. Back-biting and rumour-mongering were the main pursuits around the Weyr, and it was impossible for the Weyr Council to reach a decision!

Finally the deadline arrived. Telgar's Weyrsecond, bronzerider S'ret, arrived to collect the selected goldrider, and threw a spanner in the works by disclosing his secret affair with none other than Mitria! She promptly burst into tears - not only had they been carrying on together for Turns, but Mitria was now pregnant.

So off the lovers flew into the sunset… and Lani, Shaela and Pyrene all breathed huge sighs of relief.

Gossip posts and roleplay logs:
ROLEPLAY: Weyr Council Meeting - Telgar places its request before the High Reaches' Council.
GOSSIP: what, who and when - what Telgar wants, who might be available, and when High Reaches is prepared to make a decision.
ROLEPLAY: Weyrwoman versus Weyrwoman - Shaela and Pyrene argue about who should go.
ROLEPLAY: the goldrider showdown - a conclusion is reached…
GOSSIP: an emotional finale - Telgar's Weyrsecond arrives to take away a goldrider, and there's a happy ending for everyone.

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