Character History

Chey was born and raised at High Reaches Weyr. The daughter of a laundress and a guard, she was mad to join the guard from a young age, though her father resisted her pleas for several turns before finally giving in and allowing her to sign up in her late teens.

In her early twenties, Chey was asked to stand for a clutch of Cadgwith's, and impressed gold Mynwiyath. She was thrust into the role of a junior weyrwoman, and managed it inoffensively for a few turns. Her approach to confrontation was conciliation, and her major weakness was generally known to be an over-eagerness to please.

When Chey was 28, disaster struck. A flight gone wrong cost the health of all the Weyr's golds except for Mynwiyath. The Pass was over, but thread was falling again, sporadically. The Weyr simply could not afford a reduction to one egg-laying queen.

Thus was Frusha imported. A goldrider from Telgar Weyr, she came to join High Reaches, though she never made any effort to assimilate. A few days' edge gave her and her queen, Griellitath, the position of senior Weyrwoman for High Reaches Weyr, which Frusha used to impose increasingly insane restrictions on the Weyr and its residents. The Weyr fought back.

In the end, when the dust had settled, Frusha shrank away from the obligations of a hostile Weyr, and relinquished her knot. As the only remaining goldrider, Chey assumed the position by default, at only 29 turns old.

Much of her conciliatory nature has been burned away by now, and she is acquiring a reputation for being short-tempered and too quick to lash out. The responsibility of her role does not fit her well, it seems, and without someone above her, her exercises of her authority have been growing slowly more blatant and less necessary. She makes appointments to Weyr positions based more on loyalty and friendship than competence, and does not keep dressings-down so private as they ought to be.

Still… there is only she and Frusha. It seems the Weyr must hold fast.

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