Assistant Weyrlingmaster Dex
Title Asst. WLM
Gender Female
Age 22
Born At High Reaches Weyr
Eyes Blue
Hair Short, Blonde
Dragon blue Nazkriuulth
Wing Tsunami
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Grace, delicacy, and feminine innocence have been stripped of this woman, leaving behind a tall figure that intimately details how a a strong female presence should appear. Weather and a wasted youth have thickened Dex's porcelain skin, roughened its fore-features with slight red sunburns: high cheekbones, a petite nose, all situated on a round, animate face. Ash-blonde hair is sheened golden from excessive time out-of-doors, cropped to her shoulder but progressively shorter towards the nape of a long neck, where it is nearly shaved against her skull. Her body is ruggedly built and sturdy, bearing musculature even the majority of her fellow riders do not possess; she is strung lean and long-legged, with little feminine curves but those that muscles have accentuated. But however intense and calloused she may seem, there is no mistaking the obvious beauty of her apathetic countenance, a diamond-edged loveliness to this stonewrought creature: a vision truly embodied in the sapphire gleam of her dangerous, bewitching gaze.


Deep grey, that of a stormy Reachian sky, is the color of Dex's riding leathers, an intricate piece of tannership that fits snugly around her body. The jacket's neck comes nearly to her chin, with the black fur within added for warmth peeking out, as the same with the hem, which hangs to her mid-thigh, with slits up each side to her hip. A flap, buttoned across the top and left side of her chest, is secured with shiny silver circles, for added warmth and minor decoration. Also snug is the belt for dragon-riding around her waist, a deeper shade of grey wherhide and layered within with dark, black fur, and silver loops lining around it to hook to riding straps. The pants match in color, except for a long stripe of dark navy blue down the side of each leg, that tucks down into knee-high, black leather boots, fastened up the side with two rows of buttons like those on her jacket. Gloves the same as her boots remain tucked within her belt when not in use, and her matching riding helmet floats around somewhere with her, along with a black headband/earwarmer for added warmth.



Dex is an anomoly that most men only imagine classifying in their dreams. A product of a very strained family life and forced maturity at a young age, Dex has never really known the 'joys' of youth, so she isn't exactly the softest cookie in the jar — she never got babied around, so she doesn't feel that anyone else should be. She's firm, concrete, blunt, dedicated, and a perfectionist — amazing qualities in a workaholic, but does not make for a very endearing companion.

While up-front she'll say she's a firm believe in Rules and Regulations, she's the first to break them if she doesn't believe that they're in place for the right reasons. A vigilante, of sorts, she does what she pleases as she pleases, and while she'll hold herself accountable for her mistakes, she always does something because she thinks it is Right; "fairness" is not in her vocabulary. She handles things as she thinks they should be, and damned if anyone disagree with her. She's intelligent, wise, but perhaps sometimes a bit too forceful and strict — but in the end, she usually is able to show a shred of compassion for those who have seen the same troubles as she.

Underneath the cold exterior is the girl that always wanted to exist: a witty, sarcastic joker with a need for companionship and to find peace with herself. But, with a protective bubble the size of a football field, she isn't an easy one to get in-touch with. Deep down, she's mortified of being 'broken' like her mother was, and of allowing anyone to see her vulnerable, sensitive side. Thus, except for few and far between, many don't even know it exists — she merely is seen as the cold-hearted bitch with a fist ready to knock out anyone in her way.

Many in fact believe the reason for her sheltered ways stem from her Impression to Nazkriuulth, who is insanely possessive and jealous of any who share her company longer than he wishes; but, more often than not, she uses his personality as an excuse to push others away, so she doesn't have to deal with reality. And even with her seemingly stoic exterior, underneath she has incredibly difficulty coping with stress, and has a small, secret addiction to fellis to cull her pain and help her manage the vast emotional spectrum she inherited from her mother.

So while she may try to seem empty and cold, she is anything but; with a firy temper, a driven need for control, and a heart that could be loyal to thousands if she let it, she's anything but 'cold'. But… Most will never see it, behind the giant brick wall of her boundaries.

Loves: Tea, Canines, Quiet, Nighttime, Running, Adrenaline Rushes
Hates: Suckups, Idiots, Children, Being Hot, Bright Colors


Birth - PCdom:


On the 77th day of Spring, 41st day of the Tenth Pass, Denalia was brought into the world of Pern within the depths of High Reaches Weyr. Her mother, Palia, was less than thrilled, but the girl was still her child, nonetheless — and from thenceforth, the man she shared a weyr with, D'nik, raised her as his daughter was well. A few short months later, still recooperating from her first birth, Palia was impregnanted again from a mating flight with brownrider R'um, resulting in Denalia's brother, Rannilos.

As they were still in the Pass and Palia's duties as a rider always came first, the two children were raised mostly within the Brat Caves, however Denalia especially grew a very strong bond with her mother, as well as with her mother's best friend Tye's daughter, Lendai, who was only a few months older than herself. Until reaching the age of 6, she lived a rather pleasant, peaceful life for a child living in a Weyr while Thread still fell.

But nearing the eve of her 7th Turnday, tragedy struck; only two short Turns before Thread was due to end, a particularly windy Fall severely damaged Palia's riding straps, leading to a very dangerous fall over High Reaches Weyr. Though her life was spared out of sheer luck, significant damage to her skull caused irreversable damage to her brain — and thus, her mind. Though the cause is still unknown, due to Pern's medical knowledge, whether from infection or damage to certain areas of the brain, she began to lose her comprehension of her reality, as well as her memories: and the first to go was Denalia.

Though her memory came and went, as a child, Denalia was unable to handle the sudden change of her mother. With little support from her younger brother, she quickly learned what it was like to be a caretaker, and began to watch over her slowly ailing mother. Both children suffered; Dex became cold, believing that it was the overwhelming hurt of her past love for X'ian that consumed her mind, and Rannilos eventually turned to a life of crime.

Even D'nik seemed to care for her less of a daughter, and becoming older, she realized the man would never have lain with her mother — so not only was she motherless, but fatherless. She slowly began to despise Lendai for the the family that she still had, too, so between losing her family and friends, Deni gripped to her affection for her canine, Graldo, for support, the only one that seemingly hadn't changed.

By the time she turned 14, she had grown far older, and far more angry at the world, than ever before; but ever moreso, it primed the thirst to prove herself, especially to Tye, who she hoped would someday become the mother that she'd lost… And hoped she'd someday find out the identity of her father, too.

PCdom - Present:

Thinking that Denalia needed a break from High Reaches to get her act together, Palia sent her daughter to Ista Weyr for fostering with an old friend from Thread-flying days. While Deni was there, she re-encountered her childhood friend Lendai, and flames ignited between the two. They were both Searched for Ista Weyr's clutch, but it was Lendai who Impressed gold; furious, she stormed off the Sands.

For quite some time she remained at Ista Weyr, attempting to sort out her issues, but coming to the resolution to do something with her life, she apprenticed herself into the Herdercraft in an attempt to follow her mother's legacy. But, her ties to High Reaches were too strong. On one of her numerous trips to her home, she not only insulted the Weyrleader, but struck another girl for flirting with her crush — so, the Weyrleader instated her as a Guard Recruit, hopeful it would change her from her angsty ways.

Over time, it did proceed to mellow her; she went from being a firey belligerent girl to a cold, calculated woman in a matter of Turns. While the opportunity to Stand arose once again, the fear of not Impressing again was still firm in her mind. Instead, she trained hard and long to be the best Recruit she could, as well as developing a bit more than friendship with her crush, Nulerak, who had been Searched — and then, Impressed.

It wasn't until Chey's next clutch that she finally agreed to Stand, deciding that it wouldn't hurt to try again; thus, at the age of 19, Denalia Impressed to blue Nazkriuulth… A moment that would change her life for good. After that, Palia finally revealed, painfully, the identity of Deni's father, X'ian — and, though she had heard stories of his nature, did him the justice of shortening her name with an 'X', becoming henceforth known as Dex.

But the road after that was rocky. Though overjoyed and massively in love with her new lifemate, he was much different than most dragons. Leading her on a very strenuous path, leading nearly to her own self-destruction, the pair turned to a constant battle of control, one that resulted in a few secret blackmailings, the ending of her relationship with Nu'ra, and the injuring of a candidate — which in turn resulted in her appointment to Assistant Weyrlingmaster, to learn to temper her lifemate's ways.

And there is where her life remains: a rider of Tsunami, lifemate of a malicious genius, and a woman capable of great strength and great weakness.

Nazkriuulth Click for inspiration


A spectre conjured from the inferno of man's darkest dreams, his is a figure of gaunt proportions, a skeletal blue animated with a gentleman's grace. The great billowing sweep of his wings enfolds his long, thin frame in a cloak of mystery, methylated flame lapping against midnight sails. Shadowy cobalt hide stretched taught over wiry musculature, the delineation of every angle, every curve, is outlined with a ghastly pallor, to belie the power coiled therein. Despite this frightening countenance, a bearing almost regal in its elegance lends a certain debonnaire charm, from the proud arch of his slender neck, to the perfect posture of lean shoulders and hindquarters, to the groomed curve of his whip-thin tail. His face, a porcelain mask of smooth planes and blunted angles, reveals nothing but the menace of his mesmerizing gaze.


Darker even than the midnight touches shadowing Nazkriuulth's hide, leather hide of the deepest, fullest black wrap snugly around the blue's lower neck, a dual pair of thick cords joined at the front base of his neck with a heavy steel clasp, shined to a dentless silver that seems almost out of place against his dark form. Dark gray, a shine-less silver, hints the softer suede underside of the straps, to prevent as much chafing as possible, but still hold each piece in place. Four heavy, braided cords attach to the main assemble, two on each strap, meeting in the middle with more metallic clasps, ready to be hooked onto a rider's belt.


bronze Ash

Crushed shards of glowing umber and crimsons foil across a weathered metallic head, neck, and body as large, numerous freckles, dappling the bronze's hide with fiery hues. Each one enhances the color of his hide, which falls near burnt sienna rather than the shiny metallic he should be. The amber splashes again at belly and hind-paws, and wrapping in serpentine spirals up his ridiculously long, lithe tail. The ashen darkness that encases him does not seem to color all but those frecks; upon close inspection, the shine of a true bronze peeks through, and hints the underlayment of his hide a bright, lavish sheen. Large in length and wing-span — which 'spars and 'sails both reveal reds and oranges throughout — his true nature is raised unquestioned from the thin tilted shape of his eyes, to the sharp spade of his tail.
Black and blue twist around one of Ash's forepaws, denoting as a firelizard of High Reaches Weyr.

gold Chee

Orange no wheel of cheese on the whole of Pern could compete with; this is the hue this buttery gold seems to contain, from a thin stringy muzzle, to a tail that flops and wobbles at her behind like a thick noodle of pasta. Buttery, because the whole of her hide seems constantly wet and slick, over-oiled to a consistancy that seems almost disgusting in appearance. Only the thin membranes of her wings seem to render a thinner, less potent color, and even still, like a wafer yellow gold mottled in brown spots, they don't appear much better.
Black and blue twist around one of Chee's forepaws, denoting as a firelizard of High Reaches Weyr.

blue Cow

What an unusual colouring this firelizard sports; he's a pale, wishy-washy blue as far as his base colour goes, but there are big, splodgy patches of dark, night-sky blue that can be found from his blunt muzzle to his short tail. Starting from the top, his head is quite blocky, with big, bovine-like eyes, one of which is surrounded by an uneven patch, much like his nose is. Going down his neck, each of his ridges are tipped in near-black, and there are uneven spots of the same hue to be found on his chest, and on each of his blocky, big-jointed legs. His wings manage to escape the colour-pox, being a pale, cloudy shade of blue, and each one has a crescent-like shape of silver.
Black and blue twist around one of Cow's forepaws, denoting as a firelizard of High Reaches Weyr.

green Rii

The wilderness lives among this giant of a green, stocky and covered in twining jungle and moss greens from the tip of her nose to the tip of her spade tail. Her legs were thick, muddy brown streaks outlining her muscles down to each individual talon. Her broad barrel body was mostly a forest, with a few haphazardly drawn shades of darker jades and creeping ivy. Wing sails gleamed in a contrasting sunny yellow, the paler color splashing the top of her head in a crown and washing a few ridges on the way down to her long tail.
Black and blue twist around one of Rii's forepaws, denoting as a firelizard of High Reaches Weyr.

green Wrin

Polished stonework seems to riddle this green firelizard's hide, as such a mellow fabric-like texture of jade and olive seems to spackle and line her from the prow of a dish-faced muzzle to a short, rather fat tail. Her wings are surely wide, the sails being a slightly darker contrast — oddly enough — to her hide, but seem a bit stunted in the way of length. It is obviously no bother to her though, as while she is a smaller green, is a quick moving beastie with quite the energy within her. To top it all off, a few markings of opal color polka dot her hind haunches, and a little around her front forepaws, adding a bit of distinction to an otherwise quite normal looking 'lizard.
Black and blue twist around one of Wrin's forepaws, denoting as a firelizard of High Reaches Weyr.

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