Title High Reaches Resident (Candidate)
Gender Female
Age ~19 turns


A thick plait of dirty blonde hair falls past her shoulder blades, only an occasional wisp escaping as its confines to curl around her rather masculine-shaped face. Green-hazel eyes, thin eyebrows and full lips do little to counteract her defined jawline or her sharp nose, while her great height certainly is no feminine advantage either. She is reasonably tan, and from her build certainly no stranger to the rougher jobs in life, though quite possibly one to the more lady-like tasks.
She wears rather simple garb - loose khaki-hued pants which fall freely, making no attempt to restrain her movement, as well as a cream tunic which is held close to her body with a large sash - the only bright part of her garb - that is a rich scarlet. A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
Her recently acquired High Reaches residency knot seems to have already been traded in for a plain white knot of a candidate - but at what cost?


Hari, born and still known to family members as Angharad, was the second child and the daughter of a pair of minor farmers in the sprawling plains of Keroon. As a result of being rather isolated, they never truly entertained much, with only the occasional trader or harper passing through on the days between threadfall. Hari had a quite laidback childhood - left mostly to her own devices after the basic lessons, chasing her brother around the holding with their runners, or escaping to a small wooded oasis to swim in its pond. At the age of thirteen, her mother unfortunately passed away after being ill for many months, and the duties of the household began to fall to Hari instead. While at first somewhat bitter about the sudden change in her days, she slowly adapted, even if she never made the best meals or kept the cothold as neat as her mother once did.
When Hari was fifteen, her elder brother Richard was Searched by the distant High Reaches Weyr and was lucky enough to impress a brown. And thus Richard became R'hard, rider to brown Innath, and Hari was left at home with her father. Not more than three turns later, her father also passed away, leaving the farm in limbo, with the only son now a rider. After much discussion, the farm was passed to a series of nieces and nephews, and Hari had her bags packed and was sent to High Reaches to join her brother, despite the questionable political climate there, and the questions as to what the weyr would do to the already un-ladylike Hari.


Blue Mathin

From the obstinate curve of his broad nose to the snubness of his black-tipped tail, this stocky blue exhudes character. His muzzle, square as it is, is dipped in near-white, with the same colour creating a thin outline around his eyes and sweeping along the underside of his belly. The rest of him is a greyish-blue slate shade, all save for a stripe of black that runs along his back from noir-tipped headknobs to the tip of his tail, and a similar cross that goes from shoulder to shoulder just before his pale grey wings.

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