Title Handyman
Gender Male
Age 20 turns and change


Sovaryn is not simply tall - he towers, he looms, he may even be a bit intimidating with six feet four inches of muscle to his name. He's still growing into his height, as shown by the too-careful movements that lack real grace and speak of broken vases and squashed toes. Raven-black hair is cut short enough that its unruly nature doesn't pose much of a problem, perpetually tousled and spiky as if he has just rolled out of bed. Equally inky brows arch over almond eyes that are a bluish grey so pale it resembles nothing so much as dirty ice. His strong jawline is accentuated by dark stubble that frames the mouth that is the only soft part of him aside from his light eyes. Otherwise his features are sharp, angular and a bit too harsh to be considered strictly handsome.


He is dressed simply in a short sleeved shirt of charcoal grey cotton. Black trousers are fitted at his slim hips but fall in a straight line to cover shiny leather boots. He wears a black leather cuff on one wrist and the knot of a High Reaches resident.


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