Weyrlingmaster Tye


Short, cropped black hair stands just above this dragonrider's ear, some areas almost bald or scared due to Threadscaring, this sometimes causing the locks to end up fluffy and a frizzy. Only one eye stands on this woman's face, the almond-shapped, hazel orb peering out. The other side of her face is masked by a few new scars poking out behind a black patch, located where her other eye would be. A small, yet slightly crooked nose and two thin lips, normally set in a scowl or smirk, also sit upon her face. Another scar, this one much older and obviously fadded over time, can barely been seen as it makes its way from upper cheekbone to lower jaw. Skin is darkened with a tan glaze that covers her body from head to toe. The bluerider stands at a respectable 5'6', give or take a few inches.


At the present moment this woman is decked out in her leathers, and heavy boots lined with warm fur complete the look - namely that of a rider dressed for cold weather. Both the trousers and jacket she wears are tailor-made to her precise measurements, and fit well: tight only where they should be tight, and slightly looser where manoeuvrability is valued, most noticeably at elbows and knees. The leathers are a deep purple colour; one that makes her look particularly striking when paired with her dark hair. The slight rise of the collar shows that on the inside the jacket is tinted with a lighter shade of the same colour. Out of one pocket protrude several fingers of the gloves she has put therein.

Title Weyrlingmaster
Gender Female
Age Roughly 45
Dragon Blue Valedath
Wing Tsunami


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Laytai was born and raised into the trader craft. She had a large family, consisting of numerous older siblings and dozens of cousins, uncles, aunts and so on. Their trading caravan was made up, mostly, of relatives. Laytai was not the youngest child in her family, though she was the youngest girl, this causing a certain amount of protective covereing being held over the girl. Nonetheless, she had a good life and a loving family. As she grew older, Laytai was able to spot the overprotectivness of her family more and more, this causing the girl to go off on her own more and more. That, of course, would just cause her those who were older to be dismayed with the child's actions. It was a neverending cycle, or so it seemed.

Now, Laytai always thought that she would stay with the family craft and just become a trader herself, but as the years passed that idea no longer appealed to the young girl. She had always been interested in runners and other animals, rather then bartering for marks and other wares. Finally, around the age of fifteen Laytai made a choice that would effect her life for ever. Instead of sticking around and just taking on her fate as it came, she would strike out on her own and, hopefully, join a craft or hold. It was vowed that the next place that the caravan would stop at would be deemed Laytai's new home.

Oddly enough, that next spot was High Reaches Weyr. With a sorrowfull heart, Laytai hugged her family goodbye and promised to write and keep in check. At first, the girl seemed out of place, trying to shy away from the dragonriders and other residents. But with time and the meeting of a few close friends, her sky-ness was detered and she was able to be more open. She was carefree, yes, for a time, though her attitude started to change as more time passed. Soon, Laytai found herself with a new knot to her name and the responsibility of a 'Reaches Messenger on her shoulders. And for almost three turns that is where the teenager had stayed. Running messages to and fro the Weyr and the Hold, even sometimes going out farther when a 'rider could not deliver the message.

It came as a big surprise the day Laytai, who was sitting out in the bowl waiting for one of the newer messengers to get back, to be asked to Stand for Orbyth and Tiareth's clutch by a drunken brownrider named V'der. One knot was then exchanged for the other as Laytai became a High Reaches Weyr Candidate. Quite a number of sevendays passed and more candidates were brought in, until the day came that the hardened eggs started to hatch. Each egg opened and a dragonet appeared, running off towards their new lifemates, some even going to a few of Laytai's close friends. After almost all, but one egg, were hatched and only a handful of candidates shuffled on the sand did blue Valedath appear. He went straight for Laytai, thusly changing the girl's name to Tye and one again having her knot change from that of a Candidate to that of a Weyrling.

Two turns passed from there and tye and Valedath graduated first to Sr. Weyrling and becoming the Wingsecond to the Avalanche wing and then finally becoming a full 'rider. And that, at this time, is where the blue pair rests.


Valedath Click for Inspiration

Fellis-flowery gold striates his silken, shadowy sapphire hide, dancing over the crevices and crannies like a nymph at play, weaving a soft web of aureate cast which glistens across his length. Robust shoulders tauten cerulean tegument, sinews not rippling down his diminutive span but serenely flowing beneath akin to a cool wisp of wind. Lissome neck wanes into a masculine countenance simply dripping with charm, muzzle hewn with a strong jawline and hawking eye, just overshadowed by rounded cheeks. Ridges undulate with a slow, steady rhythm, meandering from spine to svelte tail to splintered tailtip; each apex more rotund than typical, fashioning a heart.


Custom violet straps hug at Valedath's gilt-blue neck, the royal purple leather burnished with a golden tinge meant to gleam alongside the honeyed-azure of his neckridges. Bronzen buckles for the dual security of dragon and 'rider add a further sparkle to the leathers, which are stamped beneath each buckle with the crashing crest of an ocean wave. The straps meant to be gripped by the rider are embroidered with an intricate, interlocking pattern in a light purple thread, playing against the dark of the leather much as Valedath's turquoise highlights offset his dusky navy.


green Emeri

Whirling placidly beneath arching eyeridges splattered with pale white speckles, her large bovine eyes gleam in befuddled serenity. Across the bridge of her snout and down either side, a trail of the same curdled cream slides, the outlines blurring with the moldy green hue of her fluid skin. Her broad wings are mottled with the same spots - shabby stars against a pea-soup sky - as are her haunches and the angular ridges of her long back. Milk gray talons, finely honed despite their drabness, tip her wide paws.

blue Aqueous

Obscure waves of aquamarine light dance and refract across his navy hide, swells of glittering turquoise sweeping over the darker hues to break in a flurry of silvery foam over his slender shoulders. 'S' curved neck is slick and smooth with the receding tide, his enormous wingsails muddied slightly by swirling clouds of khaki sand stirred by the gentle fluctuations of water as it rushes back out into the sea. Deep sapphire runs and flicks along the length of his serpentine tail before dissipating in a cloud of silver mist to match that about his torso, trickling down his well-muscled limbs before splitting into talons that closely resemble fish hooks forged from opalescent mother of pearl. Above it all, a perfectly wedge-shaped head is held roudly, expressive brow ridges gently tainted with golden rays of penetrating sunlight.

bronze Razen

Haphazard tumbling, murky copper pours down one flank and creeps up the other, offset by gaudy flashes of amber and cinnamon that cut and tear away at the underlying hues with razor-fine precision. His wings are encrusted with bronzen dust and dirt, the same spatter that adds a certain dash of disguise to roguish features, and the muddiness cannot quite conceal the tarnished gold brilliance that underlies, the quicksilver brightness that graces his agile paws. Arrogance defines the very cock of a lopsided shoulder, declaiming all others as second-best.

gold Nefertiti

A wash of sparkling saffron drips along her spine from perfectly formed headknobs to the tip of her whipcord tail, blending seamlessly with the soft, tawny cream of her underbelly. The curve of her neck is sleek and sinuous, culminating in a sharp-featured head with unusually large faceted eyes. Spars gleam amber-gold, extending to display diaphanous wingsails, shimmering with an almost luminescent quality, and razor sharp talons contrast darkly against the gold of her delicate paws.

bronze Kikei

Big, bronze, bold, and brawny! There are no colours marring his perfect hide, not a single drop of lesser sheen, not a dull scar nor shadow. He is bronze and only bronze, from his great angular head down to his rather broad shoulders and stretching across his finely muscled frame to his crack-whip tail. He is considerably large, even for a bronze, and could probably put an ache in someone's shoulder were they to hold him for long.

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