High Reaches' 1st Clutch

Clutched April 5th 1998; Hatched May 10th 1998

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Jh'ral's bronze Rennth

Egg Theme: cold things
Dragonet Theme: warm things

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Lani (Landry) - Hot Buttered Rum Gold Rhyath - Benden White Egg
T'vim (Tavim) - Burnt Rubber Bronze Eldiath - Deep'n Dark Depths Egg
H'ot (Huot) - Volcanic Molten Lava Brown Tamaleth - Too Cool for Words Egg (NPC)
K'len (Kalen) - Hearthfire Brown Keshalth - Iced Mocha Egg
Kumiko - Spicy Ginger Brown Zenzorath - Cryogenic Canine Nose Egg
L'shil (Leshil) - Sparky Firebug Brown Piccath - Vanilla Frosting Egg
S'phen (Stephen) - Mulled Cider Brown Trebinth - Winter Wheat Egg
F'ral (Fenral) - Kittenish Prowling Blue Bellanth - Purplish Popsicle Egg (NPC)
E'ren (Sefren) - Spitfire Rosemary Green Xeth - Icy Comet Egg
Kay (Kayra) - St. Elmo's Fire Green Verth - Winter Snowstorm Egg
Sushi - Wicked Wasabi Green Sashimith - Feisty Frosted Ale Egg (NPC)

NPC Eggs: Absolutely Abominable Snow Egg, Arboreal Autumn Morning Egg, Bereft ::Between:: Egg, Blizzard Brouhaha Egg, Cherry-Topped Sundae Egg, Crystalline Snowflake Egg, Desolate Dark Side of the Moon Egg, Drafty Classroom Egg, Dry Ice Egg, Frosty The Snow Egg, Got Milk? Egg, Icy Citrus Tea Egg, Immense Indestructible Iceberg Egg, Incadescent Ice Storm Egg, Incomparable Ice Sculpture Egg, Iridescent Icicles Egg, Jack Frost Egg, Meandering Mountain Stream Egg, Morning Hoarfrost Egg, Mossy Marble Egg, Ocean Deep Egg, Peppermint Flavored Egg, Root Beer Float Egg, Round Top Igloo Egg, Snow Dusted Glacier Egg, Snow Maiden Egg, Snowy Forest Sanctuary Egg , Strawberry Daquiri Slush Egg, Sunset and Satin Egg, Timeless Crystal Egg, Timorous Morning Star Egg, Whipped Wastelands Egg, Whispering Ice Wind Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: B'lack (Borlack) and bronze Death, Brek and ? Danceth, C'fee (Cafee) and bronze Beanth, Jala and green Penoth, P'ie and blue Blueberith, P'low and blue Quilth, ? and green Trippeth, ? and bronze Truth

Other PC Candidates: Aife, Cailet, Daleva, Kaetryn, Tessera, Toren & Yvette

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