High Reaches' 10th Clutch

Clutched June 29th 2003; Hatched August 2nd 2003

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Sii'kyn's brown Sidramuntalath #
Vaeli's gold Nissionath x B'ane's bronze Aboleoth ^

Egg Theme: fire (Nissionath) & water (Cadgwith)
Dragonet Theme: tropical things (hot & wet!)

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
^ L'uc (Lucan) - Migratory Visitor Heron Bronze Jydhaeth - Spirit of Courage Egg
^ M'nty (Monty) - Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Minoyath - Shot Up Pink Flamingos And Burning Trailers Egg
# Imi (Ulimi) - Shipwrecked Sargasso Sea Brown Kzavketh - Acid Rain and Toxic Spills Egg
^ Kal (Kaltia) - Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Neshath - Glory of the Sun Egg
^ K'bai (Kibai) - Sun 'n Sangria Summer Brown Seishuth - Out of the Ashes Egg
# A'ran (Caeran) - Shiver Me Timbers Blue Taiith - Sleeping with the Fishes Egg
# Fl'ush (Flourish) - Ditzy Royal Blue Tang Blue Guppyth - Into the Toilet Bowl Egg (NPC)
# Zarelyn - Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Morvorth - Ocean Crest Egg
# Alasse - Drinking Tea with Alligators Green Chrideth - Celtic Pool Egg
^ El'wyn (Llewellyn) - Predatory Assassin Bug Green Zuleikath - Forged from Hate Egg
^ Lauria - Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Ainth - A Flicker in the Dark Egg
# Lexi (Lexia) - Hula Dancing Charm Green Hiakith - Fountain of Youth Egg
^ Mehgan (Ameghani) - My Little Paradise Pony Green Sundanceth - Firefly Crashing Into Chinese Lantern Egg (NPC)
^ Pycia - Statue in the Deeps Green Ericath - Flame-forged Steel Sword Egg (NPC)

Cadgwith's NPC Eggs: Backpacker's Water Bottle Egg, Bob (did not hatch), Cool Watery-Effect Wormhole Egg, Day on the Beach Egg, Dog's Water Bowl Egg, Fish Abuse Egg, Goldfish Bowl Egg, Guardian of the River Egg, Morning Dewdrop Egg, Mountain Waterfall Egg, Puddle on the Floor Egg, River Rafting Egg, Rockpool Egg, Sewage Tank Overflow Egg, Watery Watcher Egg

Nissionath's NPC Eggs: Beach Bonfire Egg, Campfire in the Woods Egg, Desire the Fire Egg, Flaming Cheese Egg, Flaming Lamborghini Egg, Foom! Pyromaniac Egg, Glowing Embers Egg, Hurricane Lamp Egg, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Egg, Melting Marshmallow Egg, Nuclear Boom Egg, Reign of Fire Egg, Trogdor the Burninator Egg, Walking on Hot Coals Egg, Windthrown Fireweed Egg, Will-O-Wisp Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: # D'niel and blue Oneillth, # P'dle and blue Dontaskth, ^ S'trongbad and brown Dangeresqueth

Other PC Candidates: Auryn, Celeste, Donis, Jetaime, Kaesa, Kodisan & Reuben (plus Adrin)

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