High Reaches' 12th Clutch

Clutched October 31st 2004; Hatched December 11th 2004

Nuff's gold Tiareth x Desba's brown Dyamith

Egg Theme: classical books
Dragonet Theme: classical figures

Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Crepe - Pudgy, Sensitive Sweater Octavius Brown Delenioth - Le Petit Prince Egg
A'ndros (Alexandros) - Patroclus Junior Blue Hephaistionth - Venus and Adonis Egg (NPC)
Beagle (Beagallette) - Darwin's Finches Blue Galapagoth - Brave New World Egg (NPC)
M'rah (Mraleh) - Friendly-Wendy Green Lierdeth - Arabian Nights Egg
O'don (Donis) - Beaten But Unbowed Boudicca Green Gwenegyth - The Highwayman Egg
Rhae (Rhaedyn) - Earthmother Mother Earth Ninhursag Green Phaodynth - The Jungle Book Egg
Rysta - Shadowed Sorceress Lillith Green Ulicaelth - That Other Apocalypse Egg

NPC Eggs: A Clockwork Orange Egg, A Tale of Two Cities Egg, Crime and Punishment Egg, Ender's Game Egg, Farenheit 451 Egg, Fool's Fate Egg, Green Egg Without Ham Egg, Make Way for Ducklings Egg, Stardust's Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: Alonya and brown Rodkath

Other PC Candidates: Joeseph, Ravyn, Rianna, Seabert & Silas

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