High Reaches' 13th Clutch

Clutched June 30th 2005; Hatched August 14th 2005

Ashli's gold Isamath x K'nex's brown Shirasuth

Egg Theme: Black & White
Dragonet Theme: Chess Board

Clutching Log

PC Impressees:
I'anex (Eitanex) - Knight of the Old Code Bronze Feitoveth - Checkerboard Slip-on Vans Egg
Auryn - Reluctant Hero King Brown Animuth - Enigmatic Rorschach Egg
Eshe - Obliquely Angling Bishop Brown Strakath - The Good Kind of Evil Egg
V'enn (Ruvenn) - Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Casseth - The Fine Line Egg
Liza (Lizabet) - Underestimated Pawn Green Ikth - Grand Illusion Egg

NPC Eggs: Composition Notebook Egg, Go go go! Egg, Hoodsie Cup Egg, Monochrome Piebald Egg, Tickling Ebony and Ivory Egg, White Witch, Black Heart Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: Azure and blue Skyth, Eloise and blue Spruceth, H'bit and green Doorth, Vain (Vanity) and green Envyth, L'ost and blue Marblth, S'mon and green Sleevth

Other PC Candidates: Vadhika & Syseron

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