High Reaches' 14th Clutch

Clutched Spring 2006; Hatched April 29th, 2006

Vaeli’s gold Nissionath x G’deon’s bronze Nylanth

Egg Theme: Antique Items?
Dragonet Theme: Around the World?

Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
R'uff - Cupboard Love Brown Puppyeth - Stuffed Thing Egg (NPC)
Sao (Saohlai) - Minions of the World Unite Blue Viverrath - Dust Bunny Egg
Shazi - Persian Philosopher Blue Oljeitukhodath - Oriental Rug Egg
A'rai (Akasha) - With or Without You Green Nyokath - Forgotten Slipper Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: B'ean and Enderth, I'pod and Nanoth, J'rvis and Wasanrath, Mini and Coopereth, S'fyl and Ollith, Sock and Monkeyth, S'pazz and Twitchyth, Wiki and Pediath, Yasal and Tatasith

Other PC Candidates: Eikera, Iliad, Lihall, Naomi & Ryan

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