High Reaches' 15th Clutch

Clutched Winter 2006, Hatched December 10th, 2006

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x J'lal's bronze Ghraith

Egg Theme: The Moon
Dragonet Theme: Constellations

Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Chey (Cheyanna) - Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Mynwiyath - Come Reap Harvest Moon Egg
M'rak (Meerak) - Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Kyrioth - Crying for the Moon Egg
Y'an (Ryan) - I'm Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Aojadinth - Dark Side of the Moon Egg
Xayna - Not Leo Enough Brown Luileeuth - Beast of Gevaudan Egg
C'mero (Cameron) - Monster of the Briny Depths Cetus Blue Aerulunth - Sweet as Honey Egg
Il'ad (Iliad) - Soul Sister Gemini Green Szarabhayanath - Minions of the Moon Egg
Khalai (Khalylai) - Liberated Libra Green Neasiursath - Em-Oh-Oh-En Egg
Lairae - Squeeful Dolphin Green Surayath - To Feed the Hunger Egg

NPC Eggs: A Grand Day Out Egg, Moon After Yule Egg, Moon When Trees Pop Egg, Chill of Winter Moon Egg, To Feed the Hunger Egg

Other PC Candidates: Airam, Cailyn, Jaryyd, Jillriel, Micail, Nissa & Stitch

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