High Reaches' 16th Clutch

Clutched Summer 2007, Hatched August 23, 2007

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Xayna's brown Luileeuth

Egg Theme: Under the Sea
Dragonet Theme: Deep Sea Creatures

PC Impressees:
T'ii (Tian) - Every Day is a Journey Bronze Bandeleth - Stolen By the Deep Egg
L'yei (Alyeis) - Not Quite a Monster Bronze Fwaaslaath - Don't Call Me Guppy! Egg
Nia (Sainina) - Fearsome Yet Fervent Brown Vruelykceth - Under the Water Pokemon Piplip Egg
Lila (Lilibet) - Perfectly Proportioned Pearscale Princess Green Alajaith - Amenena- Anemena- Anemone Egg

Other PC Candidates: Leda

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