High Reaches' 17th Clutch

Clutched February 25th, Hatched April 9th, 2008

Chey's gold Mynwiyath x T'ii's bronze Bandeleth

Egg Theme: Things from the Closet
Dragonet Theme: From the Toy Closet

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
K'ano (Kiano) - Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Armaderoth - Silver Silk and Turquoise Tulle Egg
Nu'ra (Nulerak) - Valorous Veneer for a Child's Venture Bronze Ckiezeluth - Light in the Closet Egg
S'ton (Winston) - Armor-Plated Remote-Control Tank Bronze Kyzhanth - Skeleton in the Closet Egg
Onlie (Onberlie) - Eagle of the Revolution Brown Najmaldith - Mischief Mishap Egg
S'lo (Slogan) - Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Tosiekoth - Pile O'Old Shoes Egg
Mohitani - Wind-Up Bathtub Toy Shark Blue Urmeerdouloth - Celestial Tranquility Egg

Other NPC Impressees: Dalma and blue Majiith, Sallee and brown Forth, S'hake and bronze Speareth, Will and blue Sparrowbeth

Mynwiyath's NPC Eggs: Broken Dreams Egg, A Child's Delightful Closet Egg, Costume Box Egg, Forgotten Memories of a Childhood Past Egg, I Only Wore These Dresses Once, Why Do I Have SO MANY! Egg, Lost Puzzle Pieces Egg, Old School Music Makers Egg, Overabundance of Coats Egg, The R Kelly Egg, Round Bunny Poo-fection Egg, Scrumptious Cocoa Egg, Shaun The Sheep Egg, The Three-Year-Old Grilled Cheese, Under the Third Sock Egg

Griellitath's NPC Eggs (Haikus): Beads in a Bag Egg, Blue Doumbek Egg, Gifts From Santa Egg, Hide-and-go-seek Egg, Scrappy Workman's Egg, Tamago Ao (Blue Egg), Tangle of Extension Cords Egg, Technicolor Paisley Bellbottoms Egg, Too Much STUFF Egg, Very Dusty Grey Egg, Winter's Mantle Egg

Other PC Candidates: Dredos, Isabeau, Khanyl, Loren, Rusalochka, Rynael & Tanis

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