High Reaches' 18th Clutch

Clutched October 25th 2008, Hatched December 7th 2008

Chey's gold Mynwiyath x T'ii's bronze Bandeleth

Egg Theme: Epic Rivalries
Dragonet Theme: "Epic"

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Rhaeyn - Intoxicating Warrior Queen Gold Aevryscienth - Entropy Always Wins Egg
Jh'rek (Jhairecki) - King of the Alley Bronze Zsivanyoth - Nightmares and Nightingales Egg
Isabeau - Tarnished Legend Brown Krobeskeluth - Angels and Demons Egg
Iasri - Kick Up A Row Brown Vosteyath - Brawn vs Brain Egg
Dex (Denalia) - Don Juan Triumphant Blue Nazkriuulth - To Be or Not To Be? Egg
V'arik (Vostarik) - Cosmic Kid In Full Costume Blue (Now Bronze) Svitelloth - Genius Has Side Effects Egg
Tilla - Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith - Curious Yellow Egg
L'fei (Feilan) - Proddy Alda Time Green Utonalloth - Battle for the Lifestream Egg

Other NPC Impressees: A'dam and green Lilith, Bambi and green Gojirath, Bonni and green Charlith, B'roos and green BroothCat and green Lolth, G'sus and bronze Heracleith, K'fed and green Spearth, M'ac and bronze Guyverth, M'cain and green Palinth, M'kael and brown Jacksonth, O'bama and bronze Bidenth, O'bi and brown Kenobith, P'rime and bronze Optimuth,P'see and blue Macth, Sk'ter and blue Cooth, Skye and blue Walkerth, T'fug and green Wath, Tink and blue Panth, W'pin and green Aath, ? and brown Effessemth, ? and blue Gianth, ? and green Peggith, ? and blue Titanth

NPC Eggs: 49,888 (And One Chicken) Egg, Balance to the Force Egg, Battle for Cybertron Egg, Bloodfeud at the Tug River Egg, Bold and Beautiful Darkness Egg, Brown v The Board Of Education Egg, CAT-aclysmic Contest Egg, Duct Tape or Baling Wire Egg, The Eternal Struggle Egg, Flowing River Egg, Godzilla Vs. Bambi Egg, Mackems vs Toons Egg, Millions Of Voices Silenced Egg, My Stapler In Jell-O Again Egg, Peyton Can't Win At Foxboro Egg, The Renewable Airforce Egg, Roe v Wade Egg, The Skye Boat Egg, We've Got It Goin' On Egg, Which Came First: Chicken or Egg, White Ribbon of World Domination Egg, Will The Real Slim Shady Egg

Other PC Candidates: Darden, Dredos, Erarei, Hari, Inesa, Moldimehrallenkai, Rozalija & Shivahn

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