High Reaches' 19th Clutch

Clutched: June 21st / Hatched: July 20th, 2009

Rhaeyn's gold Aevryscienth x G'deon's bronze Nylanth

Egg Theme: Lingerie
Dragonet Theme: The Man Code

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Linny (Linnau) - The Exception to the Rules Gold Kaelidyth - Stripper's Paradise Egg
D'ren (Darden) - Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Aikuonath - Banana Hammock Egg
M'tej (Matej) - Bros Before Hoes Brown Temyrth - Nothin' But The Radio On Egg
S'len (Salen) - Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Cimarroth - Please Put More Clothes On Egg

Other NPC Impressees: C'ton and blue Briefth, D'rfty and brown Bumth, D'xie and brown Normoth, E'ye and blue Burnth, F'lfy and blue Cloudth, Fook and green Miith, Fooki and green Yuuth, G'ade and green Pluginth, H'lo and green Nursth, H'ttie and green Oglth, It'sa and brown Manth, Ivana and green Humpth, J'baa and brown Hutth, J'lo and blue Jigglth, Ki'lt and bronze Flapth, K'ler and green Corseth, L'cy and blue Rufflth, L'sen and Bronze Upth, L'st and green Keyth, M'eow and green Mixth, N'ce and green Shoeth, U'der and green Wireth, Una and brown Brauth, W'de and brown Loadth

NPC Eggs: Barely There Egg, Barely There Bustier Egg, Bawdy Pro's Advertisement Egg, Best Viewed On The Floor Egg, Chastity Belt Egg, Comfy Fuzzy PJ's Egg, Discarded Petticoats Egg, Dumps Like a Truck Egg, Every Fanboy's Wet Dream Egg, Feat of Engineering Brassiere Egg, Flannel Nightgown Egg, Flight Of Floral Fancy Egg, Fluffy Fembot Teddy Egg, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense Egg, Knickers In A Knot Egg, Plastic See-Through Underpants Egg, Red Cross To The Rescue Egg, Six-Pack of Cotton Briefs Egg, Slinky Kitten Egg, Strategically Placed Blue Ribbon Egg, That's Gotta Be Uncomfortable Mini-Thong Egg, Trap Door Egg, Underneath The Wedding Dress Egg, Victorian Modesty Egg

Other PC Candidates: Aloniel, Erarei, Ethan, Imre, Mikah & Sutri

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