High Reaches' 2nd Clutch

Clutched November 1st 1998; Hatched December 5th 1998

Lani's gold Rhyath x D'ante's bronze Infernoth

Egg Theme: Landscapes
Dragonet Theme: Celestial things

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Areiah - Milky Way Gold Ysbryth - Savannah Sunset Egg
C'lan (Conlan) - Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Alarth - Pyramids of Giza Egg
T'lendel (Tylendel) - Fiery Nebula Bronze Cairhoth - Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg
Rade (Zirade) - Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Azrieth - Lost Spaceship Egg
Annalee - Impish Blue Dwarf Blue Erranth - Heathery Brigadoon Egg
J'hon - Street-Savvy Super Star Blue Glennth - Urban Jungle Egg (NPC)
B'ug - Morning Star Destroyer Blue Milleniumth - Outer Banks Egg (NPC)
Thesy - Starry Starry Night Blue Sardrinth - Mists of Avalon Egg
S'lor - Crystal Moon Wandering Green Moonth - Springs of Jusenkyo Egg (NPC)
Kamaria - Renaissance New Moon Green Nekomieth - Enchanted Forest Egg
R'sli (Risli) - Explosive Supernova Green Zaqith - Ruins of Atlantis Egg

NPC Eggs: Blue Lakes and Rocky Shore Egg, Candyland Egg, Crystal Canyon Egg, Desolate Beach Egg, Eerie Plains Egg, Electric Storm Egg, Endless Ocean Egg, Field of Dreams Egg, Great Barrier Reef Egg, Industrialized Cityscape Egg, Lecture Theatre Egg, Midnight Forest Egg, Morning Ocean Kelp Egg, Rippling Lake Egg, Rolling Meadows Egg, Sable Island Egg, Tanis Egg, The Blight Egg, The Great Meadows Egg, Thriving Rainforest Egg, Toilsome New England Egg, Untamed Eden Egg, Wilderness Lake Egg, Woeful Sands Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: B'lior and green Timorth, Callisto and brown Jupiteth, Cassie (Cassala) and brown Opieath, C'met and bronze Haleyth, D'lta (Denlta) and brown Quadranth, O'ron (Oberon) and green Uranath, P'ck and green Faeryth, S'tar (Satopar) and green Fallth, T'mor and green Beliorth, Tr'ton (Triton) and blue Neptunth

Other PC Candidates: Adianna, Cailet, Jezabel, Kelvren, Niyanne & Shaela

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