High Reaches' 20th Clutch

Clutched: ? / Hatched: March 21st 2010

Lendai's gold Talicanitath x Y'an's bronze Aojadinth

Egg Theme: Obsolete Objects
Dragonet Theme: Extinct Animals

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Eth'n (Ethan) - Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Ysvarth - Kindness Was A Virtue Egg
Sutri - Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Eovisoth - Batteries Not Included Egg
R'yst (Reyston) - Steller's Mistress of the Sea Green Ligryth - The Black Death Egg
Erei (Erarei) - Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Khetanaxeroth - Unstable Tupperware Egg

Other NPC Impressees:

NPC Eggs:
Never Heard Of Rand McNally Egg, The Zach Morris Phone Egg, Toe-Breaker Tailhook Egg, Indestructible Brick Gameboy Egg, Pointy End Goes Into Other Guy Egg, Broken Down Typewriter Egg, My Kingdom For A TI Egg, No Backspace Key, Certainly Not A LCD Egg, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Egg, The Pox Egg

Other PC Candidates:
Cerko, Dorian, Gavin, Daniiya, Sobene, Matilda, Tikaani, and Tronar (ICly left Candidacy before the Hatching)

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