High Reaches' 22nd Clutch

Clutched: (OFF-CAM) June 3rd 2011 / Hatched: July 19th 2011

Rhaeyn's gold Aevryscienth x Eth'n's bronze Ysvarth

Egg Theme: Techno Junk & Gadgets
Dragonet Theme: Old World Lo-Tech Solutions

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Rysta - Incense'd Streamers of Shadow Brown Finmaraisth - Spiraling Infinity Blossom Egg
Sh'z (Shizl) - The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Lakenheath - Micro-Robotic Vtol Egg
Shea (Yalishean) - Lines In The Sand Blue Cervilaevarth - ClickWhrrrrrrrrrrrrBmp! Egg
Zeyta (Yzabet) - Monster's Gilded Cage Brown Kczyslawborth - Ride the Lightning Egg
Paige - Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Eriphyliriuth - Bundles of Wires Egg
Dirna - Devil in the Details Blue Tindraeth - Strike of Twelve Egg
Nika (Kanika) - Moonshine and Muddy Waters Blue Atmanth - Thar Be Dragons Egg
Syriene - Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Zhizusikolymuth - Wind-Up Toy Mouse Egg
K'ane (Rikane) - Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dhioth - Impeccably Innocuous Egg

Other NPC Impressees:
Ab'cus (Abacus) and green Framth, Zoe and green Tropth, Grama and green Phonth, Slina (Slinga) and green Shoth, M'fy (Mifayn) and blue Scarfth, C'ffin (Coiffin) and blue Lidth, Shew and blue Hornth, Gunn (Guinne) and blue Powdreth, C'ton (Cotton) and brown Ginth, B'tr (Batter) and brown Ramth, G'ma (Hangma) and brown Nooseth, C'mber (Camber) and brown Poth, B'uttr (Buttryn) and bronze Churneth, R'ollin (Rollins) and bronze Wheelth, W'sh (Walsh) and bronze Boardth, B'ell (Bellamy) and bronze Towerth

NPC Eggs:
Knowledge at your Fingertips Egg, iEgg, Buggy Hand-Held Egg, Centered in Crimson Sights Egg, Darkness and Despair Egg, Synthetic Touch Egg, What Is This, I Don't Even— Egg, I'll Dial You Up Egg, Pretty Pretty Pavlovian Egg, in ur livin room eatin ur popcorn n givin u nightmares egg, Who Watches the Watcher Egg, This Is Why We Don't Stand On Toilets Egg, Feed Me, Clean Me, Play with Me Egg, Autonomous Vacuum Egg, As Seen on TV Egg, Pixelated Pain Egg

Other PC Candidates:
Jerushai, Arienne, Lucian, Rilhden

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