High Reaches' 24th Clutch

Clutched (OFF-CAM) /Hatched November 24 2012

Tuli's gold Elicheritath x Rysta's brown Finmaraisth

Egg Theme: Playground Games
Dragonet Theme: Creepy Crawlies

Clutching LogHatching Log

PC Impressees:
J'sin (Jaymesin) - Buzzing of a Thousand Stings Bronze Bronze Cacymarth - Flashes in the Dark Egg
** Teyaschianniarina** - Million Mounted March Brown Ryglinath - Quack, Quack, HONK Egg
Wynne - Choked on a Gnat Cloud Green Melosphilith - A Beacon of Blue Egg
Kyri (Ceryeri) - Cackling Waves in Warp Blue Jakth - The Ground is Lava Egg

Other NPC Impressees:

NPC Eggs:
Chalky Gray Egg, Croaky Green Egg, Meet You At The Bottom Egg, Tethered Egg, Flashes in the Dark Egg, Rake The Heavens Egg, Spin of Destiny Egg, End in a Kiss Egg, Won't Somebody Come Over Egg

Other PC Candidates:

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