High Reaches' 3rd Clutch

Clutched May 8th 1999; Hatched June 11th 1999

Areiah's gold Ysbryth x T'lendel's bronze Cairhoth #
Nuff's gold Tiareth x S'phen's brown Trebinth *

Egg Theme: Historical Eras
Dragonet Theme: Historical Characters

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
# Shaela - Flamboyant Romani Gold Chayath - Ancient Akkadian Egg
* C'her - Nuclear Armageddon Bronze Nobylth - Two-Edged Nuclear Weapons Egg (NPC)
# T'sin (Taliesin) - Father of Virtue Bronze Dhavalth - Doomed Age of Chivalry Egg
* Adora - Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Rwyth (Lisulath) - Celtic Cross Egg
# G'han - Passive Resistance Hungerstriking Blue Dith - Bulimic Consumerism Egg (NPC)
* Oorla - Mystical Merlin Blue Mrrdynth - Crystal Dreams New Age Egg
# Aaliyah - Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Ishirith - Tombs of Saqqara Egg
# P'kar (Pikar) - Blushing Debutante Green Misumith - A Night at Almack's Egg
* Sita - Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Halaith - Arabian Nights Egg
* Tai (Taida) - Groovalicious Earth-Muffin Hippie Green Yshanth - Groovalicious Flower Power Egg

NPC Eggs: Aboriginal Legend Egg, Age of Exploration Egg, Aztec Water Emeralds Egg, Baleful Dark Ages Egg, Baroque Sonata Egg, Bloody Crusades Egg, Bold Jazz Egg, Darkness in Sodom Egg, Days of the Raj Egg, Decadent Roman Mosaic Egg, Encroaching Ice Age Egg, Gilded Age Egg, Golden Mask of Agamemnon Egg, Great Depression Egg, Jurassic Jungle Egg, Learning to Fly Egg, Life's Origins Egg, Madame la Guillotine Egg, Modern Olympics Egg, Nineties Neo-Gothic Bleeding Rose Egg, Orderly Neolithic Egg, Paeolithic Remains Egg, Pastoral Iron Age Egg, Pirates of the Spanish Main Egg, Rustic Log Cabin Egg, Salem Witch Trials Egg, Space-Bound Sputnik Egg, Space Discovery Egg, The World Begins Egg, Tuscan Renaissance Egg, Victorian Memoirs Egg, Viking Longboat Egg, Virgin Queen Egg, Wild West Tumbleweed Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: Delilah and brown Samsonth, D'zzy and ? Gillespith, Jane and green Calamityth, K'ween and green Elizabeth, Seezer and blue Juliuth

Other PC Candidates: Conrad, Gideon, Kelvren, Khayet, Liseria, Saylia & Tessera

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