High Reaches' 4th Clutch

Clutched November 7th 1999; Hatched December 4th 1999

Shaela's gold Chayath x Yiddae's brown Tyrodinth

Egg & Dragonet Theme: Customs and Traditions (loosely so for the dragonets)||

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Kh'et (Khayet) - Land's End Bard Bronze Telynth - Interminable Journey Egg
M'rin (Maurin) - Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Rixesith - Helston Flora Dance Egg
Geko (Gekoki) - Story-book Firebird Brown Revnath - Winter Solstice Egg
Lylia - Vampiric Teetotaller Brown Druseth - Roaring Drunk Egg
Iri (Tiri) - Trick-or-Treat Blue Sriath - All Hallow's Eve Egg
Quara - Dark Side of the Moon Blue Sakuruth - Solar Eclipse Egg
Willow (Siwillowy) - Reluctant Werewolf Blue Ozth - Full Moon Egg (NPC)
Lis (Liseria) - Woodstock Songbird Green Alymath - Flower-Power Volkswagen Bus Egg
Mhari (Mharida) - Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Kelitath - Frosh Day Egg
T'nis (Tovanis) - Highly-Strung Tennis Player Green Racqueth - Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Egg (NPC)

NPC Eggs: Baleful Bullfight Egg, Bataille de Fleurs Egg, Belmont Stake Egg, Cha-no-yu Egg, Cruelly Intentioned Cliodhna Egg, Fudge Frosty Divinity Egg, Hide-the-Shoes Egg, Kentucky Derby Egg, Morning Mirror-Gazing Egg, Pancake Tossing Egg, Preakness Egg, Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: B'rad and green Janeth, Ditzee and green Blondeth, E'rp (Ewyrpin) and brown Wyath, Ko'en (Kolen) and blue Barbarianth, Petita and green Chouth, P'lace and blue Secretariath, S'how and brown Seattleslewth, W'in and green Manowarth

Other PC Candidates: Auri, Quedista, Pyrene, Saera, Sena, Tellia & Tyara

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