High Reaches' 5th Clutch

Clutched May 7th 2000; Hatched June 4th 2000

Nuff's gold Tiareth x G'vin's bronze Chiernnath

Egg Theme: Landmarks
Dragonet Theme: Fairy Stories

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
Pyrene - Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Cadgwith- Egyptian Sphinx Egg
M'rice - Wolfish Wild Thing Bronze Sendakth - Mystical Stonehenge Egg (NPC)
Daeyn (Edaeyn) - Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Anwyllth - Roman Coliseum Egg
Gr'tel - Gregarious Gingerbread Brown Hanselth - Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg (NPC)
Shawn (Ashan) - Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Orsoth - Ayers Rock Egg
Zai (Zali) - Roving Puss-in-Boots Brown Puizuth- Baltic Sea Egg
Celeste - Noble Babar Blue Babarth - Geisha District of Kyoto Egg (NPC)
Fye (Faye) - Regal Prince Charming Blue Lainnoth - Golden Gate Bridge Egg
Auri - Mischievous Goldilocks Green Miravith - Pearl of Bahrain Egg
Lyri (Lyrica) - Cinderella at the Ball Green Niamhyth - London Eye Egg
R'gis (Ragis) - Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Peorth - Spanish Steps Egg

NPC Eggs: Celtic Ruins of Ireland Egg, CN Tower Egg, Easter Island Monolith Egg, Eiffel Tower Egg, Gateway to the West Egg, Lascaux Cave Painting Egg, Le Mont-St-Michel Egg, Mount Rushmore Egg, Niagara Falls Egg, Plains Indians Egg, Silicon Valley Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: Baba & green Yagath, B'east (Ibareast) & green Beautyth, F'ish (Ifnesh) & blue Arielth, J'ck & ? Beanstockth, Morie & green Maurinith, ? (Nimolean) & blue Irisvylth, Peia & green Luvmyth, R'mpl (Arumpull) & blue Stiltskinth, ? & blue Strawth, ? & green Stickth, ? & brown Brikth (That's all 11 of the NPC eggs accounted for!)

Other PC Candidates: Calissan, Loren, Miana, Pia, Sasha, Sorana, Tatoria & Vynret

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