High Reaches' 6th Clutch

Clutched November 11th 2000; Hatched December 8th 2000

Areiah's gold Ysbryth x M'rin's bronze Rixesith

Egg Theme: Nights In
Dragonet Theme: Nights Out

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
G'deon (Gideon) - Stand and Deliver Bronze Nylanth - Winter Hearthfire Egg
R'ave (Rauve) - Desert Dancing Till Sunrise Bronze Soquilith - Something's Under the Bed Egg
Ilare (Tilarekna) - Streets Before Christmas Brown Chanticoth - Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg
N'sync - Boy Band Bonanza Brown Backstreeth - Lovers Light Egg (NPC)
Sraine - Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Akilth - Romantic Movie Egg
Cayl (Caylea) - Solstice Bonfire Blue Mzadith - Connecting to the World Egg
Sora (Sorana) - Too Late for Supper Absentminded Blue Catiminith - All Nighter Study Hard Egg
V'tor - Perpetually Recounting Politician Blue Recounth - Frantically Awaiting Election Results Egg (NPC)
Hyzen - Shakespeare in the Park Green Imbriath - Snuggling in a Blanket Egg
Sasha - Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Branwyth - Playing with the Kitten Egg
Slippa - Mama's All Night Diner Green Zizth - Perfectly Nailpolish Painted Egg
Tatia (Tatoria) - Midnight Games in the Park Green Vespurath - Backyard Stargazing Egg

NPC Eggs: Alone on Prom Night Egg, Bedtime Lullaby Egg, Crash n' Burn Airplane Model Egg, Family Movie Night Egg, Game Night Egg, Jigsaw Puzzle Egg, King Of Diamonds And Queen Of Hearts Egg, Last Minute Pulling an All-nighter Egg, Late Night Ice Cream Binge Egg, Late Night Infomercial Egg, Lather, Rinse, Repeat Egg, Long, Hot Shower Egg, Lost In A Book Egg, Midnight's Slumber Party Egg, Mindless Monitor Burnt Egg, Monopoly Egg, Quilting the Hours Away Egg, Reading By Candelight Egg, Scary Movie and Popcorn Egg, Sony Home Theatre Egg, Sorbonne Internet Binge Egg, Storytime Egg, Tea and Toasted Crumpet Egg, TV and Pizza Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: Chancie and blue Mazokuth, C'rash and blue Bandicooth, F'rank and blue Furterth, K'sair and brown Raveth, Mi'm and bronze Kudzuth, Ness and green Lochth, R'am and blue Sheepith

Other PC Candidates: Hiliza, Mosiah, Oren, Pemeron, Pia & Siannen

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