High Reaches' 7th Clutch

Clutched July 1st 2001; Hatched July 29th 2001

Pyrene's gold Cadgwith x Zi'n's bronze Orbyth

Egg Theme: Something old, something new
Dragonet Theme: Something borrowed, something blue

Clutching Log - Hatching Log

PC Impressees:
T'am (Tamber) - Bluegrass Country Hick Bronze Farleth - Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg
X'ner (Xaner) - Dastardly Blue-Cloaked Caricature Villain Bronze Nezdarvyth - Labyrinth Egg
Khena (Kinecha) - Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Brown Mneoth - Science Fiction Double Feature Egg
K'nex (Kezenex) - True Blue Mate Brown Shirasuth - Stop Motion Photography Egg
Pae (Phea) - Blue Lynx Brown Uzasnyth - Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg
Sua (Surupa) - Screaming Blue Murder Brown Skeseth - Nuclear War Egg
Chelle (Mechelle) - Borrowed Dad's Keys Blue Rhajath - Crumbling Papyrus Egg
Cris (Cristen) - Just Borrowing It Blue Qelketh - Cherished Spinning Top Egg
Kh'ryn (Khory) - Borrowed Trouble Blue Zylpheth - Rusty Bike Egg
Reiko - Borrowed Talent Blue Cerdith - Remote-Controlled Everything Egg
Rianne (Marianne) - Borrowed Love Blue Kearneth - Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg
Hiza (Hiliza) - Boisterous Bluenose Dolphin Green Issryuith - Hip Hop Lifestyle Egg
Loe (Loren) - Devil in a Blue Dress Green Ayamizurath - Petrified Forest Egg
Lorsalia - Blue Ridge Mountain Green Yajisarath - Dark Broken Mirror Egg

NPC Eggs: 19th Century Persian Rug Egg, Antique Landscape Oilpainting Egg, Antiques Roadshow Egg, A Starbuck's on Every Corner Egg, Byte After Byte Egg, Electrifying Camo Harp Egg, Grandmother's Quilt Egg, Heirloom Bronzed Jade Brooch Egg, International Space Station Egg, Latest in Cell Phone Technology Egg, Liquid Crystal Display Egg, Microsoft Windows Egg, Montgolfier First Flight Egg, Mouldy Old Celtic Copper Ring Egg, Pret-a-Porter Tomorrow's Fashion Egg, Shattered Mosaic Egg, Silvered Russian Egg, Sleek Red Convertible Sports Car Egg, That Faded Picture of an Egg, The Boob-Tube Egg, Twenties Porcelain Dancing Lady Egg, Wild and Wicked Internet Egg

Other named NPC Impressees: A'sh (Ashenine) and blue Squirtleth, Bee (Barobee) and green Bopth, ? (Cablet) and brown Foxeth, Essie and brown Teeth, M'uch (Muchacho) and blue Spamth, O'ops and green Adaisyth, Trip and brown Clutzeth, V'king and blue Valhallath, W'eilurv and blue Albluesth

Other PC Candidates: Hynolonie, Murrough, Ogera, Pia, Rowann & Squaln

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