Dragons by Color

These are all dragons that have hatched at — or transferred to — High Reaches Weyr over the course of the years. Those in bold are still PC characters on the game; all others are no longer with us.

For a description on each color dragon, and a size-comparison chart, please go to this link here.

Rhaeyn Intoxicating Warrior Queen Gold Aevryscienth
Pyrene Insatiate Mer-Monster Gold Cadgwith
Shaela Flamboyant Romani Gold Chayath
Tuli So Swells the Swarm Gold Elicheritath
Ashli Pea in a Pod Gold Isamath
Linny The Exception to the Rules Gold Kaelidyth
Chey Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Mynwiyath
Vaeli Spirited Scullery Maid Gold Nissionath
Lani Hot Buttered Rum Gold Rhyath
Lendai If You Want Something Done Gold Talicanitath
Areiah Milky Way Gold Ysbryth
D'ren Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Speedos Bronze Aikuonath
C'lan Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Alarth
Y'an I'm Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Aojadinth
K'ano Cock-Action Six-Shooter Cap Gun Bronze Armaderoth
T'ii Every Day is a Journey Bronze Bandeleth
T'lendel Fiery Nebula Bronze Cairhoth
Nu'ra Valorous Veneer for a Child's Venture Bronze Ckiezeluth
T'sin Father of Virtue Bronze Dhavalth
K'ane Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dhioth
C'ela Devoted Seneschal Bronze Ejotzeth
T'am Bluegrass Country Hick Bronze Farleth
I'anex Knight of the Old Code Bronze Feitoveth
L'yei Not Quite a Monster Bronze Fwaaslaath
L'uc Migratory Visitor Bronze Jydhaeth
S'zin Stealing The Who From Cindy Lou Bronze Karsedreth
M'rak Unbridled Pegasus Bronze Kyrioth
S'ton Armor-Plated Remote-Control Tank Bronze Kyzhanth
Sh'z The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Lakenheath
M'nty Flaming Pink Flamingo Bronze Minoyath
X'ian Shoulder Devil Bronze Morchainth
X'ner Dastardly Blue Cloaked Caricature Villain Bronze Nezdarvyth
G'deon Stand and Deliver Bronze Nylanth
M'lir Mummers and Minstrels Bronze Oirfeath
Zi'n Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Orbyth
M'rin Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Rixesith
R'ave Desert Dancing Till Dawn Bronze Soquilith
V'arik Cosmic Kid In Full Costume Bronze Svitelloth
Kh'et Land's End Bard Bronze Telynth
S'erc A Grim in the Scrying Sieve Bronze Vulkasinth
Eth'n Snacking On Crocodiles Bronze Ysvarth
Jh'rek King of the Alley Bronze Zsivanyoth
Sraine Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Akilth
Auryn Reluctant Hero King Brown Animuth
Daeyn Steadfast Tin Soldier Brown Anwyllth
X'vik Terror of Midwinter Night Brown Argolath
Rade Knight of the Hale Bopp Brown Azrieth
Rana Dread Pirate Guppy Brown Byndareth
Ilare Streets Before Christmas Brown Chanticoth
Crepe Pudgy, Sensitive Sweater Octavius Brown Delenioth
Lylia Vampiric Teetotaller Brown Druseth
Desba Spirit Guide Brown Dyamith
G'ram Knavish Bandit King Brown Fantorith
Rysta Incense'd Streamers of Shadow Brown Finmaraisth
B'ayn Evergreen’s Mighty Reach Brown Hroskuth
Zeyta Monster's Gilded Cage Brown Kczyslawborth
K'len Hearthfire Brown Keshalth
Isabeau Tarnished Legend Brown Krobeskeluth
Imi Shipwrecked Sargasso Brown Kzavketh
Jedi A Twinkling Sense of Foreboding Brown Llioramasith
Xayna Not Leo Enough Brown Luileeuth
Khena Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Brown Mneoth
Mal Mechanized Clockwork Wirntiki Brown Morkarth
Kal Lost Gem of the Indian Shore Brown Neshath
Shawn Pudgy Poppa Bear Brown Orsoth
L'shil Sparky Firebug Brown Piccath
Zai Roving Puss-in-Boots Brown Puizuth
Larna Vain Knight Errant Brown Rashkecharath
Geko Story-book Firebird Brown Revnath
Olia Shadowy Lord of the Grove Brown Roherith
Adora Wandering Celtic Bard Brown Rwyth (Lisulath)
Jesha Simple Sweetness Brown Sevareth
K'nex True Blue Mate Brown Shirasuth
Sii'kyn Contemplating the Void Brown Sidramuntalath
Sua Screaming Blue Murder Brown Skeseth
Eshe Obliquely Angling Bishop Brown Strakath
M'tej Bros Before Hoes Brown Temyrth
S'phen Mulled Cider Brown Trebinth
Ali Apache Tears Brown Uillauth
Pae Blue Lynx Brown Uzasnyth
Iasri Kick Up a Row Brown Vosteyath
Nia Fearsome Yet Fervent Brown Vruelykceth
Kumiko Spicy Ginger Brown Zenzorath
C'mero Monster of the Briny Depths Blue Aerulunth
Nika Moonshine and Muddy Waters Blue Atmanth
Kaishori Haunting Dance of Spirits Blue Avirath
Zana Tinkering Alchemist Blue Braezyth
Sora Too Late for Supper Absentminded Blue Catiminith
Reiko Borrowed Talent Blue Cerdith
Shea Lines In The Sand Blue Cervilaevarth
S'len Don't Need No Damned Directions Blue Cimarroth
Zia Fighting the Shadow Blue Diulnyth
Sutri Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Eovisoth
Annalee Impish Blue Dwarf Blue Erranth
Aislinn Flockless Shepherd Blue Esryth
Ciera Stormclouds and Thunder Blue Jakith
Tevya Sentinel Scarecrow at Dusk Blue Kihaelth
Fye Regal Prince Charming Blue Lainnoth
Zarelyn Mermaid of the West Indies Blue Morvorth
Oorla Mystical Merlin Blue Mrrdynth
Cayl Solstice Bonfire Blue Mzadith
Dex Don Juan Triumphant Blue Nazkriuulth
Shazi Persion Philosopher Blue Oljeitukhodath
M'yck Justice in Street Shoes Blue Oroqaith
Cris Just Borrowing It Blue Qelketh
Chelle Borrowed Dad's Keys Blue Rhajath
Quara Dark Side of the Moon Blue Sakuruth
Thesy Starry Starry Night Blue Sardrinth
Iri Trick-or-Treat Blue Sriath
A'ran Shiver Me Timbers Blue Taiith
Dirna Devil in the Details Blue Tindraeth
S'lo Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Tosiekoth
D'renn Copper Electric Blue Trydanth
Jiu Lost in a Never-Ending Storm Blue Tsulryth
Mohitani Wind-Up Bathtub Shark Blue Urmeerdouloth
Fyria Dark Crystal Blue Urzketh
Tye Irresistable Paramour Blue Valedath
Sao Minions of the World Unite Blue Viverrath
Wyn What Darkness Lies in the Minds of Men Blue Vorkoroth
Kh'ryn Borrowed Trouble Blue Zylpheth
Sein Conniving Ban-Lighiche Green Aibhlusaith
Lauria Quintessentially Curious Treefrog Green Ainth
Lila Perfectly Proportioned Pearlscale Princess Green Alajaith
Lis Woodstock Songbird Green Alymath
Tilla Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith
Loe Devil in a Blue Dress Green Ayamizureth
Sasha Worshipping the Goddess Under the Full Moon Green Branwyth
V'enn Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Casseth
Rajani A Road Diverged Green Celvynath
Marina Crytic Jester Green Chisth
Alasse Drinking Tea with Alligators Green Chrideth
Paige Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Eriphyliriuth
Za'an No Two Are Ever The Same Green Erolinyath
E'an Lotus of the Nile Green Fiareth
Mhairie Sunken Treasure Green Fiviath
O'don Beaten But Unbowed Boudicca Green Gwenegyth
Sita Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Halaith
Lexi Hula Dancing Charm Green Hiakith
Liza Underestimated Pawn Green Ikth
Hyzen Shakespeare in the Park Green Imbriath
Aaliyah Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Ishirith
Orbit It is Alive! Green Ivrylth
D'ean Saint Joan of Arc Green Iztenith
Mhari Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Kelitath
Erei Bloodlust's Ancient Seduction Green Khetanaxeroth
Nylca Incompetent Ratcatcher Green Laeth
R'yst SSteller's Mistress of the Sea Green Ligryth
Kalaeya Sound of One Hand Clapping Green Maiioth
Auri Mischievous Goldilocks Green Miravith
Kamaria Renaissance New Moon Green Nekomieth
Khalai Liberated Libra Green Neasiursath
Lyri Cinderella at the Ball Green Niamhyth
Akasha With or Without You Green Nyokath
R'gis Bewitching Sleeping Beauty Green Peorth
Sage Night-Dwelling Moth Green Pixareth
H'ris Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Qyth
Saoirse Tsunami Green Siulth
Lairae Squeeful Dolphin Green Surayath
Il'ad Soul Sister Gemini Green Szarabhayanath
L'fei Proddy Alda Time Green Utonalloth
Palia The Missing Mitten Green Veriameth
Tatia Midnight Games in the Park Green Vespurath
E'ren Spitfire Rosemary Green Xeth
Lorsalia Blue Ridge Mountain Green Yajisarath
Tai Groovalicious Earth-muffin Hippie Green Yshanth
R'sli Explosive Supernova Green Zaqith
Lhana Dark Horse Green Zhesteth
Syriene Faerie's Blade and Lace Hand-Fan Green Zhizusikolymuth
Slippa Mama's All Night Diner Green Zizth
El'wyn Predatory Assassin Bug Green Zuleikath
D'nik One Handed Concerto Green Zveitseith
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