Impressive, it is said. This most Northern of Weyrs, with its seven great spindles — spires — spikes of volcanic caldera reaching up into the blue blue sky.

High Reaches is tucked up in the Snowy Mountains, a fair way northwest of Fort Weyr and the Harper/Healer halls - its nearest Holds are of course High Reaches Hold; Tillek and Master Sea Hold are the nearest Holds that are PC (open) on Harper's Tale.

It is not, in fact, cold or horrible all year round. It's closer to the ocean than Fort, hence has a more temperate climate. It does get plenty of snow in the winter, and enough cold that one should have their woolies nearby; and lots of sun in the summer, with rain and frost in spring and fall. High Reaches is the Switzerland of Pern! Think craggy mountains, alpine meadows, gnarly forests and lots of great places to hide!

High Reaches is infamous for its snow, its sledding, its summer berry harvests, and its cookies! Rock-bound, it does not produce very much, though there are many wood-workers around, and more than a few smiths.

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