Asteroid & Mudslide TP Gossip (part 1)

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Fri Aug 16 20:46:32 2002 CDT
From: Tevya (#21560)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: Mudslides and Aftermath

It all started out with a putrid smell and some rumblings. Those in the living cavern watched on in puzzlement as the Living Caverns filled with muddy water. They watched as the flow didn't stop. As one, the group headed towards the Inner Caverns. Residents and Crafters waking up to a small crowd gathered in the partially covered Inner Cavern, some sandbagging to prevent the putrid liquid from seeping in towards the Infirmary and other critical areas. And then it was out to save the herdbeasts, where several dragons air-lifted the beasts to higher-ground—makeshift pens in the meadows.

In the meantime, cots have been situated in the Quiet Corners, well out of reach of the still deepening flow; tables erected in the bowl to serve as walkways above the mud, and a make-shift infirmary in the Galleries for those still injured or coming in with ailments brought about by the onslaught of the murky water.

OOC NOTE: The Resident Dorms are *NOT* under mud, though some nervous residents may wish to settle in the Quiet Corners for now. If you're one of those, please feel free to do so—and also note that the water isn't quite mud yet, it's just a putrid combination of muck, mud, slime and water. Have fun!

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