Asteroid & Mudslide TP Gossip (part 2)

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Fri Aug 16 21:34:03 2002 CDT
From: G'deon (#19620)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: TP Update!

As the murky waters continued to rise, the weyrfolk, riders, dragons and herders banded together to save the Weyr's beasts from imminent danger. While the humans kept the herdbeasts, runners and llamas at bay, trying their hardest to prevent the poor souls from tripping on the slippery ground, or worse, from drowning in the sulfurous smelling water and sludge, the dragons did their very best to lift the beasts to safety in a make-shift pen high in the meadows.

Tue Aug 20 15:43:42 2002 CDT
From: Pyrene (#11964)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: Mud update!

It's official. After careful consideration and measurement, the powers that be have announced that the mud has stopped rising. Unfortunately, being mud, it's going to be slow to subside, and at that, most of it will have to be carried out physically. For the next month, the majority of the weyr should be going about with a shovel and/or a scrubbing brush, doing their bit to restore High Reaches back to its former non-stinky glory.

OOCly, the Weyr will be under a few feet of sulphurous mud until the weekend. Feel free to RP clean up—either by shovelling mud into wheelbarrows or by scrubbing traces of mud from tables, chairs, walls, etc, etc… Or just RP the suffering. And what are we suffering?
Here's a quick tour of the Weyr as-is.
The entire bowl is under two feet of soft mud. Ever resourceful, we've put out tables to be sure you can get from one place to the other safely. Watch out for landing dragons though - they go *splat*!
Of course, if the bowl is flooded, that includes the pens and the lake - well, the lake's flooding. It's BIG. And far too muddy and smelly to be of use. The herds have been airlifted to makeshift pens in the meadows, so dragons can go there. For dragon-washing, you're looking at a quick trip to the seaside. If you can't get between, that means the oldfashioned route of 90 barrels of water and a scrubbing brush. And have a care for the dragons who have to bring in those barrels of water on a daily basis.
The living caverns are awash with mud. Don't enter in your good clothes. Again, you can go from table to table in order to get to somewhere else, but I'd advise you to find somewhere else to hang out.
The baths suffered badly. On the one hand, they'll now do wonders for your skin; on the other, you're not going to come out smelling of roses. However, for the stout of constitution, the volcanic pools up in the meadows are still clean, and heated naturally. It's just a bit of a hike to get there through the catacombs, and groundweyrs… Be careful you don't get muddy again coming back.
Thanks to our quick thinking healers, the infirmary was swiftly barricaded and only had superficial damage. It's now a scramble to get in over the sandbags, but the sick bay is still up and running!
The dorms escaped the worst of the mud, and although they're a little damp and smelly, they're habitable. Those of you who are fussy (You mean you don't want to sleep in a cold, wet room that smells of raw eggs?) can find emergency cots laid out in the Quiet Corners for the time being. Slumber party!
As for the vocational types of the weyr… The Crafting area was safely above the mud, but the guard barracks saw the full brunt of it. Meanwhile, the kitchens aren't exactly in the best working order, so don't ask for too many fancy foods.

So… RP! And don't worry, after this week, we'll go back to normal. Snow, snow and more snow.
Pyrene on behalf of the llamas.

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