Asteroid & Mudslide TP Gossip (part 3)

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Wed Aug 28 13:46:45 2002 CDT
From: Pyrene (#11964)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: Clean!

Well, it's been a month and more that the weyr's been struggling with Too Much Mud, but we can now, *finally* announce that it's all clear. No more mud and back to normal!

Well… mostly clear. The nooks and crannies still need work. And there's some unsightly stains on the walls and sundry furniture. And visitors tend to complain about a lingering smell. However, all evacuated rooms are back to normal working order and the Weyr is once again as normal as we get.

Of course, while we no longer have mud to wrestle in, we are in the middle of winter…. Snowfight anyone?

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