DaMove TP Gossip (part 2)

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Date: Fri Dec 26 13:14:23 1997 CST
From: Catia (#5708)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: More deaths hit High Reaches

In the past few days, more deaths have occurred from the mystery illness at High Reaches Weyr. Apart from several weyrfolk and another handful of riders (and their lifemates), most notable were the deaths of the Weyr headwoman, Parilisia, and the Weyrlingmaster T'drim, blue Helloth's rider. And so it's been rumoured that the High Reaches Weyrleaders have applied to other Weyrs, seeking a new, well-qualified WLM. It seems as if a headwoman and assistants are needed, too…. And the question remains: will High Reaches be able to meet Thread over Nabol at their next Fall?

Date: Fri Dec 26 20:19:31 1997 CST
From: Ash (#6761)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: It finally happened

The weyrsecond caught her at a mug of klah. Where else would Ash be in the late evening hours besides at the klah pot? Anyway, the long and the short of it is, that C'dar and Fia have decided that Ista will lend the struggling High Reaches their aid… starting with Ash… And in the stunned moments that followed, Ash got her orders… she is to be transferred to HRW as the new WLM as soon as she can get her affairs in order… and /before/ the next threadfall… So everyone get in your goodbyes, cause Ash and Pavelth are going north… Scary isn't it? ;)

Date: Sat Dec 27 14:06:17 1997 CST
From: Tennia (#6825)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Late at night in High Reaches…

Weyrweaver Sanova cries softly, head pillowed on her arms, flung across her desk. A healer reaches to lay a hand on her shoulder, softly saying, "I'm sorry, ma'am, she just died." Sanova knows this already, and knew it the minute she heard the wailing keen of all the Weyr's dragons, mourning for blue Kanadath, her sister's lifemate. As the healer silently leaves to prepare Samiva for burial, Sanova suddenly stands up. Walking over to the small cot in one corner of her own tiny room, she looks down at the pale face of her sleeping son. "We can't stay here," she informs the boy quietly, "I can't stand it anymore." Tears drip down her face as she walks back to her desk, pulling out pen and ink. With a jumpy, uneven hand, she explains her wish to leave, to live at Ista Hold where she spent a happy apprenticeship, and where she'll never have to hear another dragon keening again. Maybe someday even the memories of her sister and her husband, and her closest friends, will dim to unreality and allow her grief to fade. Meanwhile, she rolls up the message and attaches it to her bronze firelizard's neck. "Find Bronwyn," she tells him, picturing the Istan Weaver Crafthead in her mind. With a chirrup the firelizard pops *between*, and Sanova is left alone with her thoughts. But not for long. Soon they will send a replacement Weyrweaver, and soon she will be far away from the plague and the deaths. Soon.

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