DaMove TP Gossip (part 5)

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Date: Tue Dec 30 22:21:42 1997 CST
From: Catia (#5708)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: All the Weyrs rise to the occasion!

Thread fell over Nabol tonight, and there to meet it were the amassed wings of four Weyrs. With High Reaches down to two-thirds strength, the wings were augmented by riders from Telgar, Fort and Ista. Although not an unusually heavy Fall, there were a number of casualties, mainly from within the High Reaches ranks; though no deaths. Perhaps the most notable was Marachekith, gold lifemate of the Acting High Reaches Weyrwoman. This was no Thread-score however, but an example of sheer incompetence on the part of the inexperienced Weyrwoman Lara - she managed to sear her own dragon with her flamethrower! But with the heavy score-rate, it seems that High Reaches is in need of more than temporary riders… And perhaps, another Weyrwoman?

Date: Wed Dec 31 14:33:55 1997 CST
From: C'dar (#7979)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Ista Transfers a Wing

Late in the night, C'dar and Fia were seen to return from afar by the Watchrider of Ista Weyr. Not one to be terribly circumspect, Jiluth and rider were busily speculating well into the night - with the aid of some of the more curious dragons. Early the following day, sweep schedules were thrown in a tizzy as all Wingleaders, Wingseconds and Jr. Weyrwomen were called into a meeting with the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. After a long deliberation many could be seen on the landing discussing something of apparent import.

In time, it became known. The Weyr Council had met and addressed a very serious concern for High Reaches. Concern was high over the dwindling rider population due to illness and score. Reinforcements were necessary - perhaps on a permanent basis.

Returning to Ista, C'dar and Fia therefore held a meeting of Ista Weyr's own council-of-sorts. The end result, eventually non-chalantly posted for review in the lower caverns was a decision to transfer the entire Tempest wing, under Ophelia's command to High Reaches Weyr. Taking a few wing-transfers as well from Stormcrest, Wavecutter, Firestorm, Thunderstrike and the others; Tempest has become an over-strength wing with the ability to powerfully augment the riders at High Reaches.

Good-byes at the Weyr seem oddly permanent in this time of need, and all - moving or otherwise - are affected by the impact. It is said that Weyrleader C'dar, or his 'second R'osh will be visiting those Holds and Halls under Istan protection to discuss the situation more fully…

Date: Mon Jan 5 04:06:49 1998 CST
From: Nuff (#4880)
To: *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: Nuff flees to High Reaches!

A little older, no wiser, and with an entire entourage of toddlers and babes in tow, Nuff arrives at High Reaches whether they want her there or not. For it is obvious that Ista doesn't. But after some long, late, endless discussions with Jh'ral and the rest, and with Fia lurking in the shadows, the Istan Jr. has been permanently transferred North to the Weyr, taking Chilali and assorted children with her.

Yes. Children. Half a dozen of them. And they all look suprisingly like Nuff. Scary scary /scary/ thought. Rumour has it they all have names but s'far have just been referred to as Tuff, Chuff, Duff, Scruff, Ragamuff and the eldest, Jack, who is already infamous for her ability to torment the unwary with endless questions — Why? Whywhywhy.

And the young — but not /so/ young — weyrwoman does not seem distressed to be transferred. Nor does Tiareth who looks decidedly predatory and on the prowl for new, naive souls to torment.

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