Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 1)

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Date: Sun Dec 21 20:38:56 2003 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627) and *High Reaches News (#7862)
Subject: Return of the Weyrleader

26 turns ago…

It is the twelfth turn of the tenth pass, and High Reaches Weyr has been devastated by a plague. Although the Weyrleaders can find solace in the fact that the worst is over, they do not have enough riders to meet the upcoming threadfall over Nabol. Taking history as his precedent, Weyrleader R'meld brings a desperate idea to Weyrsecond F'renkil: go through time to find riders—namely the end of the current pass, when there would be trained riders to spare. After a night of discussion, they took an image from some starcharts and half of their wing, Cloudburst, and leapt between. Unfortunately, R'meld didn't look closely enough at the date on the starcharts….

Last night…

Just as greenrider Alasse was starting to get bored of her midnight watch duty, R'meld reappeared some 15 turns too early. All of his followers arrived with him, save for one, who was lost between. The keening for a dragon thought dead for some 26 turns brought half the weyr to the bowl, where Weyrleader past confronted Weyrleader present. R'meld quickly learned two things: first, they had never returned to their own time; second, his Weyrwoman Adel had found the starcharts in his weyr and followed him with the other half of the wing. She wasn't exactly happy with him for leaving without a note either.

Faced with legends from the past who may be carrying the last traces of an infection, High Reaches Weyr was obliged to take immediate action. A quarantine has been laid upon the weyr until such time as they can be sure that there will be no recurrence of the plague. Until the quarantine is lifted, nobody can leave the Weyr and nobody can enter it. As for the problem of what to do with 23 extra riders, no decision has yet been made.

OOC note: This TP picks up from HRW's original opening TP. More information on that TP can be found here: [[redacted]]. The quarantine will last until the New Year—please talk to Lylia if you have any questions about it. For those of you who will be away over the holidays, don't worry. The TP won't get into full swing until January.

Date: Tue Dec 23 01:39:59 2003 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Quarantine at Keroon Hold

It seems there's already been a breach of the Reachean quarantine. When a messenger in Keroon's Hitching Post was discovered to have broken the quarantine, Apprentice Master Beka and Guardsman (woman!) Elaira made the judgement call to trap the messenger, apprentices, journeywoman and assistant quartermaster within the bar in their own quarantine.

ICly, notes have been sent out warning of the situation and that the entrances to the tavern and game room (gotta have privacy to do their bodily functions… in a jar… ya know!) have all been locked so no one can enter or exit.

(OOC note: ICly Merevan, Aithne, Beka, Callianna, Viae, Fawn and Elaira are all shut inside the tavern, so if you see them outside of the tavern, they're not really there, the housekeeper clears the room of people when they fall asleep, so seeing them outside wouldn't be gossip fodder, they'd simply not ICly be there.)

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