Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 10)

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Date: Sat Jan 10 20:28:34 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *High Reaches News (#3155) and *Gossip (#627)
Subject: High Reaches flights continue to be dangerous and plague-ridden?

It's been known to many that after the return of Cloudburst Wing to High Reaches, a green named Thranduith had gone proddy … raising all the alarms. Riders of male dragons were afraid of their dragons chasing this diabolical tiny green — perhaps the
dragon and/or the rider may still be carrying bits of the plague.

Eventually, however, proddiness has to end. And a few days ago, it did … mingling in the Bowl turned into A'ran and L'uc competing against who could more flatter Thranduith's rider Thiern, as their dragons blue Taiith and bronze Jydhaeth pursued the green.
(Also -almost- chasing was B'au's blue Niwath from Ista Weyr, and Iya's blue Canllaith was interested for a whole second before the second weyrling pair dragged the first back to their home Weyr.)

High Reaches' most recent madness then set in, and yet another flight ended in chaos. As the dragons flew and dipped and twisted, Thranduith taunting her chasers, the proddy Thiern also becaome a significantly sick Thiern, growing paler and dizzier as the two
riders continued flattering her. Yet that's not the worst of it … In attempting to make his way in front of Thranduith, Jydhaeth shot forward as his blue competitor hung in the back and eventually caught up to Thranduith — and instead crashed into the
green, who had in turn crashed into the bronze.

Jydhaeth, however, solved this confusion by entangling himself with Thranduith and managing to catch her. Thiern promptly fainted into bronzerider L'uc's arms — he had no issue with it, as he had been quite taken with her from the beginning — and was subject
to teasing by green Hiakith's Lexi, who tried to catch both A'ran and L'uc in her seductive trap and lure -them- to -her- weyr. She got a glare from Thiern as the first greenrider woke, clung to L'uc's collar and demanded he take her to his weyr. (Not that he

You'll have to ask someone else what happened to A'ran.

But that isn't the point. Soon after the flight, it was noted that the greenrider seemed to have no intention of leaving the bronzerider's weyr just yet, and L'uc didn't seem to have any intention of asking her to. Could this assumed blossoming romance cause a problem in Adel and R'meld's plan? Perhaps Thiern's attachment to this bronzerider (and some brilliant sabotage on her part) could be the reason that Cloudburst Wing never returned to their own time …

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