Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 11)

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Date: Sun Feb 8 18:03:37
2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *High Reaches News (#3155) and *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Those rotten sneaks!

Cloudburst's desire to 'go back' to their own time may have been voted down by the Weyr, but then democracy's a rather flimsy sort of thing to stand in the way of determined dragons and their riders, especially when they're backed up by a Queen of their own.

Adel is said to have paid a few visits to several crafthalls in the three days since, purchasing a wide selection of supplies: blankets, tools, glows, plenty of wine — really, the standard sorts of things that High Reaches might normally commission at this time of turn… for the most part. Larger quantities than normal, though, and it seemed to be something of a rush order, for she and the few riders with her were only interested in those goods that were available for immediate purchase — and they carried them all away themselves.

Of course, she charged it all to the Weyr. Didn't pay a mark out of her own pocket. But then that's just typical of some of them snooty goldriders, isn't it?

And those Cloudburst riders who remained loyal to Adel and R'meld seem to have made rather a lot of requisitions from stores lately. A few pieces of furniture, lots of clothing, furs… understandable, of course, when one considers that they'd arrived with nothing, all former belongings long since redistributed among the weyrfolk.

And it was certainly understandable that they'd keep themselves to themselves as a group for a while. Lots of bad feelings running high at the moment — especially with some of the name-calling that went on toward the end of the recent debates. So it wasn't really all that remarkable to see most of the Cloudburst riders socialising in Adel's weyr yesterday evening, rather than join the rest of the weyr in the Living Caverns.

Not that remarkable, that is, until late this evening, when most of the Cloudburst riders — including Adel and R'meld — were found missing, their weyrs empty of everything but a few stray cobwebs.

Those investigating might discover that Cloudburst :betweened: in ones and twos to an unknown location in this time, before taking the leap between times. But as for When they went, no one knows. Records say they never returned to High Reaches, but did they go back, or did they jump forward again? Did they aim for another High Reaches in another time, or was their destination somePlace else as well? All that dragons can tell is that they cannot hear them Now, but there is no keening. The echoes suggest that wherever, whenever they are, they're still alive.

Maybe old Jh'ral has some inkling; Adel was close enough to him once to leave him in charge of the Weyr. Or maybe not. Either way, they're no longer High Reaches' problem. Except, that is, for all the unpaid bills that should start rolling in oh, next month sometime.

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