Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 2)

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Date: Wed Dec 24 04:07:57 2003 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627) and *High Reaches News (#7862)
Subject: The plot has just begun…

In the wee hours of the morning Pyrene, Sinead, C'radoc, and L'vek held a conversation. L'vek brought up the fact that his blue Zipheroth was looking a bit off-color. Much to his dismay, he was informed that Zip must have caught the bug that has been plaguing Pern for the past months. Assured that Zip's illness would soon pass, L'vek settled down to eat the food he'd been neglecting and to watch C'radoc, rider of bronze Umiheth, hit on the Weyrwoman. Instead of the intended result of earning her undying affection and support, C'radoc only earned her animosity by arguing with her about R'meld and the burden of Cloudburts' decision on both 'Reaches of past and present.

So… my friends… begins the latest chapter in the Cloudburst Saga. Will Zipheroth get over his illness quickly? Will C'radoc regain Pyrene's good will and will his schemeing for leadership come to anything? Stay tuned!

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