Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 3)

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Date: Tue Dec 30 19:35:13 2003 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Quarantine? We don't neeeed no steeenking quarantine!

While High Reaches Weyr may remain under quarantine thanks to their arrivals from the plague-ridden past, information is pretty hard to keep under wraps.

The latest rumour is that Weyrsecond Wyn, lately banished by Weyrwoman Pyrene down to Igen for reasons unknown, has been spotted returned to her weyr, and apparently quite unconcerned about the long list of quarantine rules she broke to get home. One one hand, quarantine is meant to keep people in, not out, but there's rumours of bets being placed as to just how Pyrene will take the news that one of those dratted blueriders is at it again.

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