Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 4)

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Date: Mon Jan 5 15:52:42 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Confrontations

Pyrene, it must be said, was /not/ happy to see Wyn back at HRW, despite the fact that the Weyrsecond seems to have accomplished her mission to Igen successfully and quite won over the desert-bound Weyr. Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond were locking horns yet again, when Adel entered. Both present day riders preferred to show at least a smidgeon of ability to work together in front of others, so Wyn was able to explain in relative peace that, from all she knew of healing, she doubted very much that there would be a recurrence of the plague.

This left the Weyrwomen free to consider other matters… like just who is leading Esprit now. Adel feels that she has the prior claim. While there's little to argue with that, Pyrene is at least familiar with the recent history of the Weyr. Wyn unsuccessfully cited historical precedents, recommended talking to the harpers who were legal experts and even suggested that they wait and see which of the two queens rises next. Adel meanwhile seems to be of the opinion that the Weyrleadership past and present should hash it out amongst themselves, and Pyrene isn't wavering from the line that /she/ is Weyrwoman, so like it or lump it. The views of the rest of High Reaches (and of the rest of its multiple leadership) have yet to be made clear.

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