Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 5)

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Date: Mon Jan 5 23:44:47 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Demotion in the Weyr

Things have been tense at High Reaches lately, what with the arrival of timing strangers, a lock-down quarantine, and the rumor of words that have been had between the Weyrwoman and the Weyrsecond…

It doesn't seem unusual, then, that the Tsunami wing would gather to debate the situation. What is to be done with these new (old?) riders? Keep them? Ship them off? One thing is clear - the Tsunamis want to keep their Weyrwoman, and they want more information. Now.

So when wingleader Tatia cornered Weyrleader Sii'kyn in the Caverns, she had one thing on her mind. Questions soon turned to accusations, tempers heated, insults, both veiled and blatant, were exchanged, and in the end…

Tatia left the Caverns without a knot. Any knot at all. The gathered crowd saw Sii'kyn demand it from the long-time wingleader and then order that she carry it to her weyrmate (that'd be wingsecond K'nex), along with his congratulations. Tatia's not known for her temper for nothing, though, and she left to rave to her wing without a knot of any size or shape.

The rumors are flying far and fast. Did Tatia really call Sii'kyn a wherry-faced canine with crackdust for brains? Did Sii'kyn really tell Tatia a runner could do her job? And is Sii'kyn really sporting a festively-colored eye, as some seem to be claiming? (she /has/ hit him once before, after all)

Only one way to know for sure - if anyone dares to bring up the subject with either of them.

So when you see K'nex around the weyr, congratulate him and ask who his new second will be. And when you see Tatia.. you might want to steer clear. As for the Tsunamis - feel free to ask them how they feel about this. Angry at Sii'kyn.. or pleased to see their demanding wingleader get hers?

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