Leaders Return TP Gossip (part 6)

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Date: Tue Jan 6 16:39:23 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Last Man Standing

We wouldn't like to say tensions are running high in High Reaches Weyr these days, but dragons don't usually return from a flight with more damage than from a fall. With Pyrene fuming over Adel laying claim to Sr, half of the chasers arguing over whether Sii'kyn should have demoted Tatia, and the other half determined that whoever wins should be a dragon of /their/ time, be it past or present…. well, things got a little dirty When Cadgwith rose in a leadership flight (ignore what Adel and Ulrinath call it).

No punches were pulled, and the riders were just as bad as their dragons. Cloudburst's Umiheth slammed into Sidramuntalath, and heretofore Weyrleader Sii'kyn avenged his dragon by knocking C'radoc out of the picture in the most literal way possible—only to immediately pass out himself. In retaliation, Druseth and Jydhaeth took on Cloudburst's lead dragon, Bannyth, and L'uc, ever heroic, challenged Weyrleader R'meld to a brawl (while Lylia just swooned. Wuss). In such a melee, only Minoyath seemed to remember what they were actually up there for, and accordingly, he swooped in and caught the lady.

Which means that M'nty is now Weyrleader of High Reaches. It's a turbulent time in High Reaches, and Pyrene had made it no secret that she hoped Sii'kyn, proven to be a dependable type, would catch again. Instead the Weyr finds itself under a lad not long out of weyrlinghood /or/ his teens. With the Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond almost habitually at each other's throats and a Weyrleader who has yet to prove himself as a figure of any authority, perhaps the Cloudburst leadership combination of Adel, R'meld and F'renkil aren't so bad after all….

Date: Sat Jan 10 04:01:20 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Not to be…

More unfortunate events at High Reaches.

It wasn't the Cloudburst wing that caused the fatalities, it was 'Reaches that caused the Cloudburster's woe.

We learned before that blue Zipheroth, solemn L'vek's beloved lifemate, took ill.

Unfortunately, at the point in the cycle of the plague where the dragons and firelizards usually started getting better… well… Zipheroth didn't.

The blue spent his final hours with his lifemate at his side. Normally composed L'vek was furious and disbelieving by turns. One thing that everyone present will agree on is that L'vek blames present day 'Reaches. Perhaps if the quarantine hadn't been put in effect, trapping him and his blue into an infected weyr, the world would not be one dragon short.

Date: Sat Jan 10 20:28:34 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *High Reaches (#3155) and *Gossip (#627)
Subject: Blame it on the Wyn, yaaah yaaah…

Late one evening, after all the good little HRW boys and girls were in bed, (as were the bad HRW boys and girls, but they certainly were -not- sleeping, let me tell ya!) a blue dragon appeared high above High Reaches Weyr. Nothing out of the ordinary, safe that this particular dragon has not been seen in these skies for over four Turns! Breaking Pyrene's well preserved quarantine, he and his rider made to land…

The watchdragon on duty, so shocked by the return of this duo, did not cry out. Thanks to that, the blue dragon was able to communicate with him and ask for his secrecy - at least for this one night. Not seeing the harm in it, (and you can be sure that he and his rider will pay for that dearly in the morning) the watchdragon allowed them access. However, instead of landing in the Bowl, the duo took off towards an abandoned and dusty weyr high above, and it is there that they stayed… until the time when they'd be ready to face the rath of Pyrene…

Rumours spread fast, however, for though the watchdragon and his rider allowed the two prodigal sons to pass, they never promised anything about telling their weyrmates. And from there, it spread - to the friends, to the drudges, to other riders… until the gossip was whispered all across the whole weyr.

"Kh'ryn! Kh'ryn is back! Zylpheth and him arrived during the night and… But he broke quarantine? First Wyn, and now him! Pyrene will not be pleased… especially since he's yet -another- bluerider. You can bet she'll give him a welcoming that he won't be expecting!"

Au contraire - Kh'ryn knew full well what he was getting himself into… Thanks to fellow bluerider Wyn's words of caution. But in all honesty, it doesn't matter to him what he might have to face come daylight, because … after so many Turns … the Blushing Bluerider is home, and that's all that's important now!

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