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[]Date: Wed Jan 28 16:36:44 2004 CST
From: Anonymous :)
To: *Gossip (#627)
Subject: They're Going Back?

The drudges are already bustling at the news that R'meld announced in the living caverns this afternoon, in front of Pyrene, C'radoc and Lylia. R'meld and Adel plan on taking Cloudburst back to their time. This came much to the chagrin of C'radoc who seems to be the only member of his wing with enough brains to realize that their is no record of them returning to their time. R'meld didn't take kindly to hearing about C'radoc's discontent, probably because it was screamed in his face. In the midst of all of this Lylia managed to anger the past weyrleader even more by telling him to treat her weyr with more care, and not to break chairs and finished by telling him to between and die before leaving in a huff. Pyrene ended up leaving too exasperation at R'meld. This left C'radoc and the newly entered Jui, drudges can't say what the two talked about but C'radoc did leave with a rather scheming look in his eye and a soft smile.

Date: Sun Feb 1 15:09:57 2004 CST
From: Pyrene (#11964)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: You are cordially invited…

A decision has to be made, and while R'meld thinks he's made one, present-day Weyrleadership isn't happy with it. The majority of Cloudburst riders are unhappy in this new time and still seek to return to their own if it's at all possible to defy what the records /say/ has happened, but there's an equally firm decree that they must stay. After all, if they cannot change history, they they're only going to their deaths. If they can change history…. what becomes of the present timeline?

With the fate of the entire Weyr at stake, it has been announced that everybody should have a say in the final decision, from the youngest weyrbrat to the oldest Auntie. There will be a meeting of the entire Weyr in the Hatching Caverns. The arguments will be put forward; questions will be heard and discussed; a vote will be taken. And there will be an end to it.

Want to come and be part of the biggest Weyr meeting in living history? Then enter the galleries at 8pm MOOtime, Saturday 7 February. We admit, this could be total chaos, but we're interested in improvising a genuine debate here (please note… the voting's rigged, since we have a result we're working towards, but the arguments will be authentic and we'd love to hear them!). Remember that Cloudburst have mostly encountered and displayed prejudice since they arrived here and have shown few signs of actually settling in, despite living an entire season with us. Remember too that Nuff and Tiareth transferred here as a direct result of Cloudburst's disappearance, and all PC dragons hatched at High Reaches are descended from Tiareth. Check http://www.angelfire.com/realm/kernowgirl/pyrene/lrlogs/lrindex.htm for further information about what's happened with the TP! Then come! Bring your spam!

Py (on behalf of those llamas who'll try any crazy idea once….)

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