Weyrwoman for Telgar TP Gossip (part 1)

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23rd September 2001
Recently a meeting was called in High Reaches Weyr. Nothing that unusual… except most meetings don't end with half the Weyr's goldriders storming out. The reason? Telgar, with just two fertile queens, both elderly, is seeking a transfer. High Reaches, with its grand total of six fertile golds, most of them young, was an obvious choice. The catch (of course there's a catch!) is that none of the goldriders seem interested in transferring. And yet /somebody/ has to; the question is… who?

  • Pyrene and Cadgwith: Cadge, the youngest queen, has many more breeding turns ahead of her, and rumour has it that Pyrene would not be missed by riders of a certain colour.
  • Shaela and Chayath: Chayath is the smallest gold, but is that what Telgar wants? On the other hand, Shaela has connections at Telgar, and some would say that she would fit in well there.
  • Areiah and Ysbryth: Exempt as the Sr pair.
  • Lani and Rhyath: Separating Lani from her arch-rival Mitria might seem a good idea on the face of it, but she's getting on in turns. Besides, she's apparently one of Reaches few efficient weyrwoman.
  • Mitria and Salbith: Again, this would have the bonus of separating Lani and Mitria, but Salbith is also well into her second decade, while Mitria bursts into tears at the mention of Telgar.
  • Nuff and Tiareth: Would Telgar take Nuff off our hands? We should be so lucky.

And so, High Reaches passed the message back that it would take one month (or a week, RL terms) to decide. Meanwhile, gossip is spreading, and the weyr is dividing into small factions supporting their transfer candidate of choice. Campaigns are afoot, with slander and scandal the preferred weapons, bets are running rampant with the odds changing hourly, and of course… the RP is free! Make of it what you will, this TP is public, and anybody in HRW or anywhere on HT is free to mention it and add to the rumours going around.

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