Weyrwoman for Telgar TP Gossip (part 2)

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11th October 2001
For one month (and, er, a bit) now, High Reaches has been rife with intrigue, with gossip, with wagers over which of the Weyr's 6 queens would be selected to transfer to Telgar weyr. None of the weyrwomen were volunteering their dragon and it looked as if a decision would never be reached.

But in the late hours of the evening, Telgar Weyrsecond S'ret appeared over High Reaches on bronze Paramourth and faced an assembly of goldriders and helpful advice from onlookers. But even as the gamblers of High Reaches held their breaths, Mitria, Salbith's rider, burst suddenly into tears. Ever-gallant, S'ret promptly took her in his arms and declared his love. The audience could only gasp at this completely unpredictable and not all unoriginal turn of events. It turns out that the two had been lovers since before they were Searched by the separate weyrs.

While a great many people wondered why Mitria hadn't mentioned this beforehand (and a great many marks exchanged hands), the sniffling goldrider revealed the reason for her recent emotional state: she was pregnant. Conveniently, the child was S'ret's and so he, being made of stronger stuff than his lady love, declared that she would be coming with him to Telgar.

Goldriders sighed with relief while gamblers wept with despair. In fact, there was hardly a dry eye in the bowl, and one particular rider was inspired to wax lyrical as the two sealed it with a passionate kiss. As the weyrfolk cheered, S'ret and Mitria climbed onto their dragons and flew off into the sunrise to begin their new life together.

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